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  • S. White - Fantastic buy!Had gotten the yearly renewal notification my Norton suite was expiring. They wanted $69.99 which is rediculous as you can buy it new at retail stores for $49.99 and some online ones for $39.99. They seem to want you to upgrade to a 3/5user suite. My wife did a search and found this 1user / 3pc 2013 version for $16.95 download version! Though it was a joke but it wasn't. Purchased, reopened the purchase again looking at details, copied the key, opened Norton - Renewal - clicked I have a key/authorization code, pasted, submitted and like magic it was updated for another year. This is how renewals should be, cheap and easy to do. Thanks Amazon.
  • Hi - really result seenI got this product ((along with other nioxin hair products)) I started it for almost 2 moths...I noticed good result on my hair...
    please note that I used nexion system 6+ scalp treatment + other brands so the result on my hair is the result of all my combination not specifically from this product, the results on me were:

    1- my hair fall less (much less) than before ... I got this product because I have rich history in losing hair 2-3 times per years especially following a stressful life events and the worse part that only 50-60% of my hair will re-grow back again, thus year by year my hair get thinner and thinner... this time I approached this product immediately after I noticed my hair falls and YES IT WORKED and hair falls less, almost stopped
    2- Hair feels stronger... I have very fragile hair I never treated it chemically and very minimally I use thermal treatment; however, now I use iron + hair blower more often and didn't notice any hair damage
    3- Thicker hair... even my sisters and husband noted this effect.. finally something to help my hair to re-grow back still using and will continue it to see the overall result cause I still have some emptiness in my scalp
    The smell: very distinguishable ... I didn't like the smell, very strong and smells like treatment or medicine but doesn't causes me nausea or something I can tolerate it
    recommed using it with nexion system (shampoo and conditionor)
    The price: very affordable
    I used a mixture of different nioxin products and I've seen a good result hope to get even better and thicker
    Overall satisfaction: very satisfied
    I definitely recommend this product, try it out it may work for you at least will stop the falling
  • Rickbob "Richard J" - Needed Help and Got it!It all started when I bought this chin strap for my father as a gift, (who is 65yrs) due to my mother always complaining about his snoring all the time. At first I really didn't think he would wear it. The first time he tried it he told me his throat was not sore in the morning and that he didn't know he was even wearing it. He said that he seems more rested also. It's been 4 months now and he doesn't mind wearing it every night because of the benefits he's noticing himself but my mother is extremely happy. We talk about this head strap just about every time I have been over to visit. I just bought another one for myself. Mine does fit comfortable and the first thing I noticed after wearing it to bed after having a few glasses of wine (my snoring is always loud after drinking) was that my throat was not sore either. I would certainly recommend this strap!