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  • Gilbert Davila - Thank you Governor PalinThis book captures the heart of Christmas. It tells us all that how important it is to preserve this multi-billion dollar holiday. My liberal neighbors and friends here in Los Angeles decorate their homes and shop like crazy every Christmas, but I know that it is just a facade. They really are plotting against Christmas. The shopping and decorating is just to blend in like the 9/11 terrorists. Thank you Mrs. Palin for writing this book and thank you Senator McCain for bringing her into the limelight.
  • John S Helm - LOVE ITFirst tablet that I have bought. Does almost everything I wanted it for. I would and have recommended it to friends.
  • Koala1356 - Fully featured, works well with Win 7 x64This is my review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (KIS 2012) - 3 user licenses.

    I upgraded from KIS 2011 on three of my aging home computers (2 desktops and 1 laptop). Installation was easy, I just put the CD in the drive and wait for it to start. The first thing KIS 2012 does is check for a more recent version of itself, which it then downloads to install. Very nice, since it saves you having to update after you finish the install.

    NOTE: Virus definitions still need to be updated after the installation.

    Since I already had KIS 2011 on my PCs with time left on the licenses (142 days to be exact), KIS 2012 did not ask me for the new 2012 license key, rather it converted the time left on my old license to the new 2012 version. So KIS 2012 started with 142 days on my license. This was great, since I was worried I would lose the time left on my older version. If you do add the 2012 license now (with time left on your 2011 license) then the program will activate the new 365 days AFTER the existing one expires. In other words, if you are upgrading with time left on your current license, you won't lose any days!

    NOTE: if you are installing KIS 2012 for the first time, then obviously you will get 365 days license after you enter and activate the code in the box.

    While on the subject of licenses, note that this version of KIS 2012 has a license for three computers in your home for one year (365 days), but be aware that you have to install and activate all three licenses within 30 days of the first one, otherwise the remaining/unactivated ones will be forfeited.

    I really like the clean and well-organized interface of KIS 2012. It's a little different from the previous year, now basically just a single tabbed screen; a central window where you can reach all of the program's features and settings. Gone is the big green button of last year that told your PC is protected, replaced now by a big green computer icon and the words "Your Computer is Protected" in a large hard-to-miss font. The top two thirds of this main window also gives you information at-a-glance, such as days remaining on your license, any threats detected, if the definitions are up to date, etc. It's really well-organized for both beginners and advanced PC users. For Windows 7 users, there is also a desktop gadget that give you all the at-a-glance info and access, right from your desktop.

    Finding what you want/getting around KIS 2012 is easy. The bottom third of the main window has a left/right scroll menu, which allows you to select "Scan," "Update," "Parental Controls," "Tools," "Application Activity," "Network Monitor," "Virtual Keyboard," "Safe Run for Websites," and "Quarantine." KIS 2012 is very user configurable, perfect for those who like to tweak settings. It also works great "out of the box" with everything left at default. The first thing I like to tweak is setting up my scan schedule times, and folders and/or drives to scan. Other features I like are "Safe Social Networking" and "Rollback Malware Changes" in the even of unrecoverable infection.

    NOTE: the small "Settings" button on the top right corner of the main window is where you go to tweak/manage your firewall setting.

    BROWSER INTEGRATION (IE 6x, Firefox 6x):
    Other useful features of KIS 2012 include a "URL Advisor" (for safe surfing) and a "Virtual Keyboard" (keyloggers can't detect this type of mouse input) both of which install into your browser, and in the case of the Virtual Keyboard, is activated on demand by a tiny icon in your browser's existing toolbar. I thought this was a nice way to implement this feature; no annoying extra toolbars cramping your browser window. I use Firefox and I found the buttons on the top right corner of my browser's top toolbar. Unfortunately, I don't use any other browser so I can't report on compatibility/button placement with anything other than Firefox, but the box says it is compatible with IE 6.

    NOTE: when I first installed KIS 2012 both these browser features worked fine in Firefox 6x. Upon upgrading to Firefox 7x a few days later, these add-ons were no longer compatible and therefore disabled. However, as of the time of this review, Kaspersky has released new versions that work with Firefox 7x, so if they are still grayed out to you in Firefox 7x, then you may need to manually update the "URL Advisor" and "Virtual Keyboard" add-ons from within Firefox 7x add-on control.

    If you are looking at KIS 2012 for Parental Controls to limit what your kids can and can't look at/do on the internet, then know that KIS 2012 has a bunch of easy to use, configurable controls, including monitoring of internet time, blocking webpages, blocking keywords, social networking, downloads, and allowing internet usage. You can control your kids' activity via their individual Windows User Accounts, or if you are using Windows 7, via their Homegroup accounts. Plus you can password protected your master account so that your kids can't change the settings. :- You can also get a report at the end of the week to check up on activity.

    New with KIS 2012 is "Hybrid Cloud Protection - Combining the power of the cloud and your PC" (so says the box). From what I have read about this, Cloud Protection (theoretically) means faster response time to new viruses, malware, and other threats, since that information is gathered from KIS 2012 users all over the world, then stored in and distributed from the cloud. Therefore, Cloud Protection can (points quoted from the Kaspersky site):

    + Provide protection against the very latest threats
    + Free up space on your hard disk, since cloud databases are not stored on your computer
    + Reduce traffic when updating anti-virus databases
    + Improve computer performance; cloud-based information means there is no need to analyze all application activity

    I am very happy with the job KIS 2012 does, all the features it has beyond basic anti-virus protection, and the way it runs on my old computers (the newest of which is four years old!). This is my second year with KIS and I am sure it won't be my last.
  • Mark R. Whittington - Ann Coulter is Without MercyCaustic, sassy, sacrcastic, and occassionally over the top, the Warrior Princess of the Right strikes again in this collection of short pieces. She grabs her enemies on the left by the collar and gives them no mercy. Of course, for that reason, they hate her. In fact, their reaction to her is often even more entertaining than her original assault on their patriotism, their intelligence, and most of all, their very existence.
  • okiedan - Bought this for my 10 year old grandson. He loves it.DeJvu, Read Guinness when I was a lad of 10. Always fun to expand your awareness of the world we live in. This book is hardcover and sturdy. My grandson loves going through the pages and seeing the weird and strange from around the world. Not something he will get in the traditional educational system.