SBW - An integrated CRO for drug discovery and development - SBW is a CRO from Finland for drug discovery and development, functional food and chemical safety industries in ADME, in vivo efficacy and tox, in vitro studies, proteomics, biomarker discovery and in chemoinformatics.

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  • LaVerna VanDan - Survival StoryI am very interested and collect remarkable stories of survival, especially stories that concern evil. The author tells her story, and it is very similar to Jaycee Dugard's frank account. It is not about torture and rape. It is about how this young woman climbed above that and managed somehow, against all odds, to escape the brutality of her two captors. She relates some mystical experiences that I cannot doubt--because the outcome of her experience is before us. She survived. We all need to note how evil works--usually using terror, destroying modesty, family and belonging, and then personal integrity and identity. And we also need to know how to combat it-- how to avoid despair, boredom, physical pain, starvation, and abuse by clinging to past strengths: memories of family and their love and warmth; complying just enough to stay alive; and above all, your own deeply-held spiritual beliefs. I wish the author continued success and a long life surrounded by comfort and warmth. She already has faith, hope, love, and gratitude (one of the ways to discern a person's spiritual and emotional health). Her maturity, humor, and candor were inspiring. Now that she has told her story, she can finally continue to pursue her future, drawing from her own experiences.
  • Susan Windhorst "swindhorst67" - Best book I've ever purchasedI purchased this book because I was tired of conventional medicine and its nonefficacy for me. The book was a life saver to me. I am still in the process but my condition is markedly improved! I am thrilled with this book.
  • Mimi A from NC - Call blocking alone makes this worth the cost.We are all sick of those robo-calls numerous times a day and the national "Do not call" registry is a joke. This phone will block up to 250 numbers. I have cut way way down on those agggravating calls by blocking each one as it comes in. I wish the process of blocking did not take so many steps, not difficult to do, but just seems it could have been simplified. I will do whatever it takes though to stop the nuisance calls. The phone has other nice features - a nice large display that is easy to read, talking caller ID, the ability to set different ring tones for incoming calls from individuals, speed dial buttons, etc. it is a nice phone, the battery lasts a long time off the hook, has a long range from the base, and you can add more handsets. I am very pleased with the phone.