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  • Curtis L. Wilbur "zencoyote" - My Personal Favorite FloydI started listening to PF around "Saucer..." and quit shortly after "Final Cut". This one is my personal favorite as an album, because it marks a point where some new ideas in sound development make their appearance. Developments that we take for granted in later works, are joyously experimented with here. Case in point: the concept of a "Sound Envelope". The sound of a dog barking has a very definite overall shape. If you take that shape, and fill it with other sounds, what kind of effects can you achieve? You'll find that here, in "Dogs", with amazing results. In "Sheep", there are some seamless transitions from voice to instrument that are nothing less than astonishing. And of course, beyond that, this is classic PF, and nothing to sneer at. Approaching thirty years old, (can you believe it?), and still way-good headphone material. Take a listen.
  • Michael Nickles "Michael" - Wow...Got mine from

    Tablet is amazing and fast and just plain fun. best tablet I've ever used. thing and light too
  • Armida Belt - Everyone should read it!This is an outstanding book. Everyone should read it to learn how to protect their good health before a problem occurs. When read along with his later book of The Metabolic Plan one can understand what's happening in the body as one ages and take steps earlier in life to correct or help a downward spiral in health.
  • Callie Wilson-Pitts - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!I was reluctant to buy this for my 3 year old daughter. I am so glad I did! She absolutely loves it! Even when she is only using the "song" apps, playing the games, or watching one of the movies or "reading" one of the books she is learning and I am already seeing results in less than a month. If you watch the leap pad website you can often find apps for $5 - $10 so the ongoing costs are not too bad either :)