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  • K. Patterson "disgruntled citizen" - I Have Ascended to 5D!!Honestly, at first I was a bit skeptical spending about $2500 on a used cable, but then... I plugged it in. Remember the Norway spiral? THAT WAS ME! AND THIS CABLE! Boy howdy, I couldn't believe what happened next... a chorus of angels began chanting my name in binaural tones and everything around took on a transparent quality. 3 Nephilim attempted to break through a crystalline doorway that opened up to my left, but suddenly I created a glowing orb of blue light that I instinctively threw at those b*stards, causing them to break down at a molecular level. Everything went silent for a moment and then the very fabric of time-space began to spin around me like a whirlwind of enlightenment. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! To make a long story short, I am creating this review using only the power of thought... in fact, you aren't even reading it, I am transmitting it directly to your pineal gland. So, yeah... get this cable, GET IT NOW AND GET IT FAST! Wouldn't you pay $2500 for access to 5D? Don't EVEN get me started about the bilocation...

    Norway, sorry about that spiral.

  • Philly - LOVE IT!OMG, Dan your're the man. Cant believe after two and a half weeks my acne is improving SIGNIFICANTLY, my face looks bright and clear. I wasnt sure at first because I have tried so much facial treatments and over the counter drug store products on my face and nothing worked, I mean I bought all the expensive ones as well you know... smh. My history with ance started when I was 12yrs, and it has been a struggle ever since, now im 33yrs and a few months ago after coming off co-cyprindiol which was used to controlled my acne, I had a massive breakout under my chin and jawline area mostly, believe me I was DEPRESS, even more so when people start asking me if I had a allergic reaction, I cried for months. This was what led me to start looking into acne treatments and I came across this site read about 100 reviews, ended up on youtube saw more reviews and then waited another week before I decided to buy the products. The products came in the mail within ten days, took another week to final make my mind up and started using it, I have being using the treatment only at night time and everything else twice a day for almost three weeks now, I havent had any initial breakout yet 'touch wood' but my skin is slightly dry, but so far so good, I got my mojo back!, I feel much more confident, so happy I've decided to give it ago.

    P.S... I orderd my next kit a week into the treatment, because I know during the christmas season delievery to the Uk is going to be crazy.
  • cjasper - Ranger, The Little Horse with the Big Heart; by Christy WoodWhat a heart warming story. I loved reading about Ranger and the adventures of his life. This is a true story from the horses eyes about the life and relationship he was blessed to have with his owner Christy Wood. Their story reminds me of the way it should be between horse and owner. Great, quick read. Have a tissue handy!
  • T. Griffin - Great for "sexxytime"I use this with my girlfriend when she is begging for some "backdoor" action. I first use a desensitizing anal lube to get her loosened up, then I hit her with a couple of blasts of this spray right in the sphincter. It instantly brings back all the sensation and then some! She's responds like a cheetah on meth! It's makes for some wild nights, let me tell you. And it's totally organic and made from peppers raised in a sustainable farming environment. Who could ask for more? But you should wear at least three condoms, because this stuff can sting a bit if it gets on any of your tender parts, even if you're a big tuff cop.