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  • Tonya Speelman "Hoarder of books" - A hit for sure!What a beautifully written book. The customs in this book and the writing is outstanding. We have generations and customs that make this book so rich it sucks you right in. We have the grandmother starting out when she was going, before she was married, and the story goes from there.

    The author tells all about her children, on to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What a blessing this book is. All the customs and ways that they believed. So descriptive I didn't want it to end.

    I think this book is going to be a big hit for 2008!
  • Dan Woods ( - SCD works, even after multiple surgeriesI've been on the SCD diet since June/97 and it does work. I've had 40 inches of small bowel removed after two surgeries, and SCD works.Elaine does a good job of explaining the principles of the diet and is a must read for any IBD sufferers (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS). Regardless what the so-called medical specialists say, diet change does matter. Within two days of starting the diet, all my heartburn problems have disappeared ever since.I started the SCD diet because I was having a flare-up (lost weight, frequency, ...) and my specialist wanted me to nose-tube feed myself at night. I chose the diet instead and have been feeling good without regrets, and I am sure the SCD prevented the need for a 3rd surgery.Check out the SCD website at which provides a lot of support and testimonials. Also, you'll find information on joining the Long-Island internet support mailing list for SCD.Get the book. Live the diet. Enjoy your life again. Feel free to contact me... Dan.
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  • Sam Hunt - WWE Money In The Bank 2011Money in the bank:

    Matches are rated out of 5 stars:

    1. Sin Cara vs Wade Barret vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus vs Kane, Smackdown Money In the Bank Ladder Match: This is in my top three money in the bank matches of all time, I absolutley loved this match, I thought it was awesome, it was 25 minutes of crazy high flying spots, every wrestler in this match, even Gabreil and Slater put on a great performance, I dont want to ruin any of the good moments but there are a damn lot of them and the ending is excellent, I was so happy for the winner, after all hes one of my favourite wrestlers of all time
    Rating: ****1/4

    I dont watch divas matches

    2. Mark Henry vs The Big Show: I thought that this match was fine, better than I thought it would be, it made Henry look like a beast, even though I dont like the guy, the WWE are doing a good job in building him up, the match went on for about 6 minutes and basically, Mark Henry just crushed Big Show which isnt an easy thing to do
    Rating: **

    3. R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne vs Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston vs Alex Riley vs Miz, RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match: This was a very good match but really overshadowed because of the other MITB match earlier in the night, I still had a lot of fun watching it though, this one was a lot shorter but they crammed the spots into the 15 minutes that they got, there was one awesome spot in the match where Bourne hit a shooting star press off a ladder outside the ring, it looked so cool, I liked the way the WWE kept making us guess who was going to win, overall this match was very enjoyable
    Rating: ***3/4

    4. Randy Orton(c) vs Christian, World Heavyweight Title: The match was pretty good but the worst in there fued, the wrestling wasnt as sharp as there other matches, I was fine with the ending but it was a dissapointing was for Christian to win the title, and we know that there will be Orton vs Christian... AGAIN!!!
    Overall: ***1/4

    5. John Cena(c) vs CM Punk, WWE Title: Going into this match I thought it would be pretty good, I knew the crowd was going to be great but I didnt know whether the match would deliver or not, words cannot describe how amazing this match was, this was unbelievable, first of all the crowd were going crazy through the whole 35 minutes of the match, Cena was actually the most hated guy in Chicago at the time, the match started with some great technical wrestling, then they started to hit the spots and finishers, this was an amazing wrestled match by both men, but the drama of the match was best of all in my opinion, so many finishers countered, lots of near falls, I just didnt know who was going to win this thing, the end was PERFECT, the moment was beautiful and very emotional, the right man won without a doubt, the match was excellent, and is my favourite match in the WWE this year, theres nothing about the match that wasnt 5 stars
    Rating: *****

    Overall: 9.25/10

    Comments: This show was amazing, my favourite WWE PPV since Wrestlemania 19 back in 2003, if you are going to buy a WWE dvd you should definatley buy this one, I promise you, your in for a treat!