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  • John S. Clonch - A Wealth of KnowledgeThe book is very comprehensive. It is huge and full of great information. As with most books of it's type it cannot contain the latest additions with each manufacturer. The pricing is helpful but not exact as prices have been changing radically in today's times. Highly recommend this reference book to anyone interested in firearms.
  • Holly Mann - The best moisturizer I've ever used... and I have crazy skinMy skin has been really dry all my life and I've tried all kinds of moisturizers from things like Cetaphil from the drug store to $100 creams from make up counters and nothing truly worked. Recently at 32, I started breaking out even though my skin is dry. I've never had breakouts before, even as a teenager. I had always heard of Hope In a Jar and decided to give it a try and it is AMAZING! It's not too heavy and not too light and my zits are clearing up rapidly since I started using this product, Plus, the small lines I'm getting around my mouth and eyes look almost non-existent now. I'm not one to post reviews but this product is so awesome I had to. If you have really dry sensitive skin or dry skin that still breaks out, this will hopefully work wonders for you as it has me!