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  • Thaddius Mumford "Shop Saver" - Very Good Upgrade From Quicken 2009I purchased Quicken 2012 because my Quicken 2009 online account update service had expired after 3 years. I decided to buy the software from Amazon because it was cheaper than directly from Quicken except I did get a few 50% off offers from Quicken that I did not use in time. In the end, I only paid a few dollars more through Amazon's partner seller. The 2012 software is much better than 2009 version. The user interface looks about same. It runs much faster and is more responsive. The most important updates for me were the faster and smoother download of account data compared to Quicken 2009. The download status interface has been improved and you will get accurate information on the status of accessing your accounts. Upgrading from 2009 to 2012 was easy, but be patient while Quicken 2012 downloads updates after installation because it may take several minutes. I was able to get all my accounts integrated in Quicken 2012 unlike Quicken 2009 which gave me a lot of error messages and I had to manually download the data. I give Quicken 2012 five stars for these important improvements.
  • A. Rosen - UC sufferer - SCD is AMAZINGI was diagnosed with UC a year and a half ago. Despite taking 4 Lialda pills a day, a had several flare ups, the latest coming a month before my wedding. I immediately went on prednisone, which had worked in the past, but this time it did not. I was so terrified that my wedding and honeymoon would be ruined, I was SO frustrated with this disease. Then, after looking online, I started learning about the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) and figured I had nothing to lose. It took about 2 weeks to REALLY notice a difference, but it happened, and it was remarkable. I feel SO much better. I stuck to the diet through my wedding and honeymoon (only cheated to try my wedding cake :), i mean come on...) and I do not think I will ever go off it. After a month and a half, my flare up is gone (no thanks to steroids) and I can tell I am getting healthier. Trying SCD yogurt tonight! To anyone suffering, PLEASE try this. It may just change your life.