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  • D. Bryan - More people need to use thisThis lets me and my wife track all of our bills, spending, and budget for the future. More people should use this to track their finances and be more aware of where their money is going.

    Just an FYI the 2013 version is coming with smart phone compatibility and I've been wanting that for a long time so be sure to check that out.
  • gimmemyish "great dump" - YO, THIS WORKS ! ! ! !I have tried, I'd say, about 10 things in the past 4 years to get me regular and take solid dumps. I eat pretty well, but I always have this full and uneasy feeling after using the restroom. I think I have had constipation and I never feel that "ahhhhhhhhh" satisfied feeling after using the restroom, just discomfort and annoyance. I've tried mineral oil, pills, psyllium husk, fiber, and various other variations of the sort.

    I picked this product up, I kid you not, about 2 hours ago, and popped four pills in. Let me tell you something. I was laying down and I had this automatic feeling that came ovr me to go and use the restroom and I took one of those dumps where you feel damn good. No backup and honestly I feel happy that I did. It's been a good while since I've taken a dump like that. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is frustrated and lives on a day to day basis with that backed-up feeling. Purchase these. And they're natural. I wish you could post pics on this thing, but that would be gross and funny. But at least it could make all of you believers.

  • Theseus "theseus" - Huge But Not OverwhelmingThe word-on-the-street regarding the NCLEX is that the Kaplan program is the go-to source for test prep. With this, I have to agree.

    As you probably would expect, this is a big book loaded with information. One of its strengths is that you get two complete practice tests. This gives you a chance to pick through one test gradually and then do the second test at a quicker rate.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing about this book is that you can pick and choose the sort of test prep that will work the best for you...
    - If you want to go deeply into a bunch of questions and carefully read the analysis of the answers, that's here.
    - If you want a more casual experience: making yourself comfortable with the format of the test and the sort of things to expect, that's here.
    - If you want to focus on test-taking strategies: learning how the test structures certain types of questions, that's here.

    Worth every penny.
  • Kasia - The truth - 11 months laterI got one area of my body that I want to get rid of the hair so badly for a very long time, I tried everything and wasted so much money , home laser , electrolysis, No-No and all the things that are expensive and never works !!! I even do removed hair professional and it does not worked .. all I got is swellings and bad reactions and that is , so when I saw good reviews about the Flash&Go I was thinking to myself let do it for the LAST TIME ever ... and I did .. after 1 week I still not see new hair coming above the skin as it is usual after shaving .. but I guess the next faze will show up shortly and ready to be destroyed also !
    I used the device on the max power as on low I did not feel anything what mean the heat did not enter the hair shaft as there is a nerve , how more pain how better it works, I noticed more sensation in area with more hair.. on the max power it worked with little tears formed in my eyes when I shot my upper lip as it is sensitive area for me but without any side effects after and peace for already 1 week .. it smell as burned hair and I saw some smoke coming when the hair was flashed by the flash, it take a big area at once so you are done very quickly , I out ice after and then 1 hour later I was fine as before .. the pain was like someone hit you with elastic rubber band so not as much pain as laser or the horrible electrolysis , if the hair does not return back in couple of months I will post new update and let you know, as the summer is over I am ready for the special treatment in the winter times so I would be ready and worries free in the spring-summer next year ...I hope at last this time
    I wasted money and time with no-no last year it transfer the heat via hair also and I was thinking it worked but that was not the device that worked but the cream they add to it ..as it slow down the hair grow but if you stopped after 1 week everything started to grow back .. but I guess many of us have the same stories with devices that don;t do what they promise and actually are scams .. well Flash&Go is FDA approved what mean there was clinical study done for this device and should works .. I will give it a time and we see in 2-3 months from now how successive this device is in hair removing ... TO BE CONTINUED

    I did not expected to see the results that fast, after the first usage , I see bald patches like a tiger what mean the hair from the first session was affected and fall off .. i am still very much excited about this product , as you know hair growing in cycles but if this going to be this way I may be free from all unwanted hair in couple of months for sure but I will keep you updated , the only side effect I saw was little swallowed circles around the affected hair for day or 2 but now it is cleared as the hair also vanished , i remember using white cloth next day and having a lot of little hair on that .. make sure you shave closer before the session it is important, to long hair will not transfer enough heat into the skin and hair shafts reducing the effect, i see the product got cheaper ... well at last it worked for the full price so no hard feelings ..

    October / 11/2012

    wow wow wow , I did not expected this happen , for the first time in my live I am free of the upper lip hair for 1 week without epilation or waxing they just fall off !!! and no sign of anything else ,it may be the first growing faze that is destroyed
    expecting there would be something back as well with the second faze but at last I am free for now , the other areas of my hairy places reducing slower like arm pit hair as they are much stronger and need more time but the progress is fantastic , and trust me I spend so much money on all new innovations that never worked so for me it is a blessing , as I mentioned before I don't have any reaction other as little warm and little red for a while after ..and not as bad as laser , as I tried everything and my skin could not take it , and walking outside looking like after a ring fight was not what I wont pay for .. so my dear people .. this product don't lie !!!!! and how it will get with the rest of my hairy areas I will keep you updated in the next weeks but I am still so excited about already as there is finally progress, if this going this way I may be free of unwanted hair for the early summer and I am sure I will, I ordered also extra head flash lamps for the legs and arms ,I don't have to much to destroy as my legs are mostly free from this issue but sometimes I spot a hair or 2 in a moment I really wish it was not there .. so I am ready to flash it away ! and you should do the same .. just give it a time and not expect wonders over night , if you feel little sting it mean it work, if you don't then it don't affected you hair at all so push the flash level on the max you can handle for faster result . If your skin is dry it work better so not do it direct after washing your face from cosmetics , allow it to dry well without anything added for best performance and comfort

    November /28/2012

    Just letting you know that the work is in progress , hair reduction around 65% already in some places they never returned , it take now little longer as before as the hair need to be in active faze to get distroy by the flash correctly, but I am so happy already that the most important visual areas are clear .
    I will update you in January again , I am expecting another 20% of reduction to the time , and something telling me I would be hairless for the early summer already !! grab your chance as it really work and did not expected to see the results in 3 months at all so maybe be really good product and trust me I would spend double if I knew it works so good . Forget about vaniqa and other stuff this is a real DEAL !

    and one more tip, if you shave a day before it works better . to close shaving may not be a good idea as flashing, next day after shaving it sting more what mean more hair are affected , as it should do nothing on no hairy skin area, also after shaving the skin is irritated so flashing it after is not recommended , telling you from my own experiences


    after 6 months I used 2 of Removal Cartridge , I have like 10% left of the hair , it was like 1 month where I did not had anything then little bit returned again but after last session they stopped growing and we see if I target them all , I believe around 1-2 months I should be free of them all, they do not bother me anymore, the hair that come back are really fine already , I am running now Cartridge number 3 , it cost me total as 1 and half laser session so still very cheap with better results , since laser did not worked for me at all due to skin reaction this was my last chance and I am glad it is working for me .
    I saw some comments that are not very positive but trust me after 30 days you will see not much , I use it for last 6 months and now only 1 to max 2 times per months to have peace with shaving , my unwanted facial hair was gone in the first 2 months , I have maybe 10 hair left under my arms that pop up every 2-4 weeks so that is success , I did not expected this result in 6 months and as I said before I would be ready for the summer and it seems like I will be 100% , you need to give it time and stick to the routine and timing as it is important , if you past the growing faze it will not works . It will take longer time on a very course hair and with the time they will get tinnier , now when I use the flash i see smoke coming , before it melted the hair sort off , so how finer the hair how faster the result , that why the hair under arms and bikini line are the last that will go at last in my case .

    April /21/2013

    I just drop in with update , after the last review and 2 sessions , for the first time I am hairless .. it take me 6 month .. for the last week I don;t see any hair growing yet , I hope it will last long , but just want to let you know that I got the goal , I will post you updated if anything change and how long it stay this way

    July /24/2013

    I did not updated you for the couple of months as there was nothing to tell , it was 3 whole hairless months , I noticed 5 hairs this morning and flashed it straight away but I assume that are the last one , after almost 11 months it destroyed all hair that I want to get rid off , I used 3 cartridges in total the extra cost of $30 since the 2 others was included with the device , this was the best $300 I ever spend , my skin is soft without any discolorations or scars and I used this device on the max 5 setting what sometimes was painful especially on the upper lip but nothing compared to other method I tortured myself for years spending fortune on it without any effect , beside the side effects .
    this device is working 100 % , the question left over is only how long it will keep the hair from coming back ? but from what I see it will be not fast , in my early update I told you that I want to be hairless for the summer , and I was without a doubt , everything you need to keep the flashing pattern . not overdoing it and follow exactly the instruction , I tried to flash more often as recommended but it did not affect anything , one only thing that worked better was flashing 2 times the same area .

    This is my last update as not much left to say about other than thank you for the great device that really worked , truly I wish I had it years ago !

    .. Happy flashing ! :)