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  • Reader Extraordinaire "written word lover" - Colon CleanseI was seeking gentle cleansing as I don't like harsh laxatives. With this product there was minimal "gripping" and more uncomfortable than painful. It worked within 48 hours and provided much needed relief. I've used it once and have not needed it again, yet. I would recommend this product for folks who are relatively healthy and occasionally irregular.
  • Sachin Deshpande "Sach" - Superb book and method!I bought this book last year. It has helped immensely with my back, shoulder, and foot pain.
    I think it is worth it watch her videos on YouTube so that you get understanding of Esther's general approach. The one on the Google campus is particularly good.
    Essentially, she promotes a natural posture based solution to all pains. And that is what attracted to this method (as opposed to other methods such as prescription drugs, ibuprofen, electrical stimulus, etc.)

    It does take a little time to learn, but it is well worth it. It has clear pictures and descriptions of the eight techniques. I recommend the DVD as supplement just to understand the method in depth! And if you get a chance, get trained by a Gokhale method instructor.
  • "popeking" - Great if you like Pink Floyd, but otherwise ...Pink Floyd is one of those "like 'em or hate 'em" bands. Their music is very atmospheric, orchestral, and dark. In other words, it ain't pop. So if you prefer peppy little ditties about dancing and sex, or if you want Christian-rock lite, then stay away. That said, this is arguably the best Pink Floyd album. Every song seems to be placed perfectly in order and the tracks flow wonderfully. Even "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)", which is overplayed, sounds good. "Goodbye Blue Sky" and "The Trial" pull emotions out of you. The guitar is amazing, the singing is powerful, and the lyrics are slightly disturbing. The subject matter may not win any awards for originality (he hates his mother and war is bad, got it), but it is so much deeper than most other albums released then or now. The songs work much better with the video included (i.e. the movie), but it's still powerful.This is not party music, house-cleaning music, or anything like that. Opera is meant to be listened to and appreciated. This is rock opera, and it should be given similar appreciation. And unlike many drug-addled bands, this is not a jam band. If you like Pink Floyd, then you MUST buy this album. If you don't know Pink Floyd, this is a great way to start. If you hate Pink Floyd, then write one bad review and STOP. We don't care if you live in Heaven's Realm, or Sweet Gardens, or whatever. This isn't a message board - it's a review column. State your opinion and move on! Please!
  • blackntanmomma - Spectacular little chair!Everywhere we go we get at least one couple who will stop and ask about this little chair. Our daughter has been using this chair since she was about 3 1/2 months old. As long as your kiddo can hold their head up, they can sit in this chair due to the ingenious design of the harness. My favorite parts are that the bag/chair folds up into itself and that it has an integrated pocket for your kiddo's goodies. We have taken this thing with us everywhere and I have not found a table yet that it won't work with. We even used it recently with one of those molded foldable banquet tables (over top of the table cloth) at a wedding and it worked wonderfully!