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  • LouLaLeigh - J.R.Ward ... never a let down!You can never go wrong with J.R. Ward! I am always so sad when I finish a book by her and promise myself that the next one I read I will stretch it out and not read it so fast. Then I read that next book with more fervor and quickness than the last as I just can't seem to put the book down. I always want more, more, more!
    Even though this was written at time where she says she was just figuring out the type of writer she was becoming, it is still fabulous! The way she develops these characters into being such complex people with their dry humor, strength and intense passion is just what gives her the "it" factor as an author. If you love the characters in the BDB, you are going to love this book!
    Can't wait for the next book to come out!
  • David R. Riggs - Relief at LastReview of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale
    By David Riggs

    8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back shows readers how to overcome back pain through better posture. Gokhale's revolutionary approach features a highly original blend of user-friendly exercises, physiological expertise, and in-depth historical analysis. Users will not only experience pain-relief; they will also understand why they feel so much better. The potential applications of this book are enormous. Because the Gokhale method is a holistic program for returning the body to its natural posture, her system reaches out beyond the epidemic of back pain to address dozens of other multoskeletal maladies including repetitive stress injuries and pain of the neck, foot, knee, shoulders, and hip.

    The book guides the reader through a series of disarmingly simple changes in posture that take up eight one-hour sessions. These movements involve an anteverted pelvis and use the muscles to decompress the spine, support motion, protect the joints and bones, reduce stress, and improve circulation. The relief comes right away. Unlike most back-pain books, this one does not require any special equipment, cumbersome physical exercises, expertise in Yoga or Pilates, or changes in diet or daily routine. Instead, the steps are designed to integrate easily into everyday life. One can perform them while sleeping, driving, walking, sitting in a meeting, standing in line, or bending over to pick up an object.

    Gokhale begins by asking why the epidemic of back pain has been largely confined to adults living in Europe and North America during the twentieth century. Using history and anthropology, she leads her readers through a series of key factors, culminating in the French fashion industry during the 1920's, that encouraged a tucked pelvis and habitual slouching. To counter this trend, she reproduces and analyzes over a thousand high-quality photographs and pictures of infants, and of men and women from Africa, Asia, South America, rural Europe, and from pre-industrial societies, together with many anatomical drawings. These images provide incontrovertible proof of the author's fundamental claim that the way out of back pain leads back to the body's natural posture.

    This wise and beautiful book reaches out to an enormous readership. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back will prove an invaluable asset to all of those who deal with back pain in their daily practices: neurologists, physical therapists, physiatrists, general practitioners, and of course the patients themselves. It appeals to a wider audience concerned with alternative medicine, anthropology, art, and fashion. It holds special interest for professional and weekend athletes, yoga and dance instructors, frequent flyers, manual laborers, gardeners, and other hobbyists at high risk for back pain. It should be required reading for anyone who has an aching back and wants to avoid needless and expensive medical procedures like surgery.
  • Ayelet Noff - Age of Context - A Masterpiece And Must Read For Brands And Consumers AlikeIn their book, Scoble and Israel reference the perfect storm by talking about the perfect conditions in which the age of context is upon us. Well, if that's the perfect storm, I imagine them as two weathermen, standing in front of a map of the tech world and finding the next places where the age of context storm will make landfall.

    In this book you get a hopeful and inspirational view of the future of both tech and business with the ever changing world of costumer experience. This is one book important for both consumers, who need to understand what to demand and to expect from brands, and the brands themselves, to better understand how to better understand the experience they will provide to their customers.

    This book has the ability to revolutionize many industries, just as "Naked Conversations" changed marketing forever. A must read for anyone interested in the future relationship of life and technology on this earth.
  • CYBERMANIA - PROTECTORATEMcaFee Total Protection is the best ever security that 've used. You get warn just before entering an unsecure site. Updates every time you power on your PC. I've been using McAfee for five years now and Ilike the extra feature then comes with the product. I used the web all the time and I recomend this product for all online activities. You gonna love the security if You buy this product. thank you McAfee.