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  • Adealia Blythe - Text-Size adjustment is invaluable to those with troubled eyesI love my Kindle. I absolutely love it. There are those that complain of this feature or that feature, but in the end, the ease of getting a book, the space I save on books--just too invaluable.

    One feature that I took completely for granted was the text sizing adjustment. I was sitting in the airport over the holiday reading. An elderly woman kept looking at me and smiling. I finally put my Kindle down and smiled back. She wanted to talk about the Kindle. She had gotten a Kindle back in October. Previously a voracious reader, she had suffered a slight stroke which had really slowed her down and affected her eye sight. She beamed when she relayed how empowered she felt with the Kindle. Not only could she adjust the size of the font and actually see it, but size increase made her move through the screen faster, giving her a bit more confidence as a reader. She felt like she had regained a little of what she had lost.

    I was so pleased. It's a great device. Keep it up, Amazon!
  • Mark - Worked 1st Month!!Me and my GF were attempting to perceive for approx 6 months. After many months of negatives results we scoured the internet in search of a all natural fertility booster. We quickly found FertilAid, of course skeptical about what we put into our bodies, we did our research. After we agreed we would give it a try, we ordered Fertilaid for Woman, and Fertilaid for Men.

    As well her period at the time was very irregular. She was on the DEPO birth control shot for around 2 years. Her last shot was July of 2012. After researching, we found that regularly it would take 12-18 months to fully leave the body. But, We figured even if she didn't become pregnant, the very least her periods would be regulated.

    We began to take the (giant) capsules the day after, the last day of my GF's menstrual cycle.

    So, anyways, We began the capsules September 16th, 2013. We took the recommended 3 pills daily.
    She was due for her menstrual cycle on October 9th. It didn't happen that day, although we were used to that due to irregular periods timing. On October 12th we went out and bought a pregnancy test. SHOCKED when it came out POSITIVE! It was unbelievable. No, really. We didn't believe it, so we went out and bought another one. And again, POSITIVE.
    Were still in shock as of today!

    I can honestly say we believe these products worked! No doubt! Just buy it already! You won't be disappointed.

    Giant capsules, they get lodged in your throat. If you have trouble swallowing pills, you may choose to pop open the capsules.

    But, don't let that stop you!
  • N. Talesa Patra - Great productIf you're a Bare Escentuals user, then you already know what it can do. I've been using this line of cosmetics for nearly a year now, and I absolutely LOVE it. It looks very natural and covers my flaws much better than many liquid foundations. I highly recommend this product, and the entire Bare Minerals line.
  • Mark Sancoran - An excellent game with fantastic reviews from credible gamer sites.This is truly one of the best sim games out there right now. It should be pointed out that while this game did not live up to every expectation(especially when it concerned Will Wright's original concepts of the game, particularly as described in the 2006 GDC video demonstration), it still stands on its own as a great game that deserves credit.

    Each phase is a game in itself, and most of the phases are pretty elaborately done. The civ phase is particularly engrossing. I personally felt that the space phase would have been more enjoyable without as much of the goal-oriented gameplay and more of a sandbox-style game. You'll often find yourself going back and forth between exploring and protecting your empire. That said, it's still easy to get sucked in when playing any of these phases because there's really a lot you can do to manipulate and mold your world(s) and civilization.

    It's really unfortunate that children using their mommy's accounts have been able to come on here and latch onto the DRM issue like the good bunch of drones they are. Practically every post makes no mention of the gameplay or inner workings of the game itself, but rather yaps on and on about something relatively inconsequential to most gamers' experience.

    Yes, DRM is a very unfortunate reality, but developers have been driven to these ends to prevent the ignoble act of game piracy. Personally, I would have been happy with something around 5-7 installs... but 3 is more than enough for most people, even if they've changed their system specs to eat up an install.

    I'd recommend it to almost anyone. Anyone with an open mind and realistic expectations will not be disappointed.
  • Michelle Gamet - I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSEDI have been using this device for a year now. Yet, I was highly impressed from day one. When I looked at the reviews given by Dr Oz, that is what impressed me, also. Dr Oz gave this device a thumbs up. My skin glows. The springy elasticity of the skin is what I noticed, too using this product. The stimulation on the molecular level beneath the skin with the radio wave frequency moves nutrients and oxygen about for cellular feeding. Which in turn, plumps up cells, which creates filled in lines. I use olive oil smoothed over my skin as this adds a lipid or a fat on the surface of the skin, which the radio frequency pulsing presses into the deeper skin layer for lubricating. Therefore, the skin will not dry out. So, instead the skin gets a deep massage and moisturizing. This I have used safely on my face, throat, hands, fore arms, beneath my arms, chest, thighs and calves of my legs. I Am Highly Impressed ~