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  • Tony P - Works?....Heck yeah it works!!!!I honestly wished i had purchased this program when my first child was born. It is literally an instruction book for raising children. Not only have these techniques worked for my "problem" child, but it has also helped me with communicating with my other children. They are all teenagers, I am divorced and my ex is not on still works. As a bonus, the techniques I have learned in this program have helped me to communicate with my colleagues at work. The money I have spent on The Total Transformation Method has been paid for several times over. The support has been incredible....the newsletters invaluable and the skills I have learned are priceless.
  • suzq - better health in a boxEver since I started taking Align a year ago, I have had no problems with my digestive tract. Thanks to my doctor who suggested a pro-biotic. It has changed my life.
  • Caitlin - Exposed Skin CareWhen I was in my teens I never had bad acne, but when I entered my twenties I began suffering from one of the harshest and most painful forms of acne, cystic acne. This devastating form of acne would cause me to have painful, large open sores on my face that would last weeks, maybe even months. NOTHING would cover these embarrassing sores, so would go in hiding. I tried anything and everything there is on the market to cure my acne, but nothing worked. At my wits end, I decided to try one more thing, Exposed Skincare and I'm glad I did! Since starting Exposed Skincare, about a year ago, I have been acne free! Now, acne no longer controls me and I can live my life the way I want to!!
  • Daniel R Lasco - Very detailed and full of everything you need.Driving north of Calgary? You need this. It details everything from highway grades, alternate scenic routes, to whether or not a campground or rest area has picnic tables. I am using it to plan a move from the lower 48 to Anchorage and it has been just as valuable as if I had a veteran road traveler riding along with me.
  • malewizard - Great Protection with very minimal complaintsOver the years I have used almost all of the major Anti-virus (all encompassing title for Antivirus, anti-phishing,anti Trojan etc.)There are a few that will stand out in great protection,but will bog down your speed to where that nice new computer with the best processing speed and huge capacity of ram ,will seem like its stuck in the water. Thankfully Kaspersky doesn't do that all the time. It happens briefly during your first few days or weeks until it "learns" what you want to allow straight through your ports and what you want to check quite carefully. I'd give this 4 stars only because I don't have one specific title who has made me absolutely "love it",including the ever popular Eset brand (which use to be a Bi#@h to get off your system once it was installed). They all do basically the same thing,but at different levels.Most of the time just being wise to shifty emails,websites connected to less than stellar ads of free scans (as in "Hey you have a virus,we just discovered it,now go here and download this fix for 289.95 and we will get rid of it for you!"...yeah do it and you WILL have a virus FROM THEM!
    Right click on any file your not sure of after you download it and select to scan it first before using it...any decent anti-virus program will have that option. There are also FREE scans from reputable companies like Norton ,Kapsersky,Trend MIcro and Microsoft who don't want these things spreading any more than you do. Kaspersky is one of the best and affordable programs who you can rely on. I bought this really cheap here and was able to put it on 3 computers.Thats a great deal!