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  • Richard A. Flynn - This book was key in saving my son's life!!!!!!14 years ago my son suffered from inflammatory intestinal disease which Elaine describes perfectly. It drove his immune system into the basement putting him at risk to any harmful bacteria. He suffered from night terrors, ADHD, and what looked like child-onset-schizophrenia. I am not kidding when I say, within 36 hrs. the results were so dramatic I could not believe it! After a couple of years I don't think he had so much as a cold. He's now 6'3", was a champion pole vaulter in High School, no signs of ADHD and has had a very successful time as a US Marine. I'm re-reading the book and sharing it with friends again. I see the conditions Elaine describes everywhere I look and people I know are still finding it to be a God send!!!!! No joke.
  • European Roadster - BareMinerals all the way, from someone who's shopped aroundAfter using BareMinerals along side other face powders, I was very pleased with the product. It has a pearly quality that makes skin luminous, the same way highlights do for hair, and it feels light and doesn't cause acne.

    It is however, a bit more than I usually spend on cosmetics. After running out of the basic foundation, I decided to buy a drug store knock-off (Neturogena, I think) to see if it would produce the same results at a reduced cost ($10). It didn't: the feel of the powder was heavier and greasier, it made my skin look a monotone flesh color that made it seem unnatural, and worst of all, lead to break outs, meaning I had more flaws to cover.

    Now I am a complete BareMinerals covert, and luckily, through Amazon, the price of this superior product is within a few bucks of the knock-off.
  • Sir George Martini "Verbalosity" - The Best Cover YetAnn's black outfit will drive the guys crazy. Her legs may be a little skinny, but her brains more than make up for her boney knees. She has the absolute conviction that there should be one set of rules for the entire world. She also compassionately said "I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!" Is she serious? Rated 5 Stars for the cover.
  • CoffeeGurl - The best one thus far -- Jamie and Claire are captivating!Diana Gabaldon has regaled her readers with the passionate story of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser in this (thus far) memorable series. In Outlander, former WWII combat nurse and married woman Claire Randall is transported to Eighteenth Century Scotland where she meets highlander warrior Jamie Fraser and embarks upon a beautiful love affair that transcends time and boundaries. In Dragonfly in Amber, twenty years had passed from her unique time-travel experience and she is now with Jamie's daughter, Brianna. After her twentieth century husband dies, she goes back in time and tries to save Jamie from being killed in the battle of Culloden, which she fails to do -- or so she thinks. In this third offering, Claire returns to the eighteenth century to recapture her romance with Jamie after discovering that he had survived the battle of Culloden. While this happens, the reader gets a glimpse into what their lives had been like during the twenty years they were apart. There are many twists throughout the novel.

    Voyager, like the previous two novels, is richly historical and beautifully narrated with precise details and romantic prose. There are a number of new colorful characters in this one that I enjoyed very much. I also got to read more insightful tales of Scottish and other European history. The historical references fascinated me, especially the ones centered on the Scottish Highlands. I also found the storylines centered on voodoo to be quite compelling and intriguing. And of course I enjoyed reading about what are now one of my all-time favorite fictional couples in literature. This love story that transcends time is truly captivating. These two characters speak to me in a whole unique way. I like the scenes that some readers deem disturbing and dark, like the ones centered on corporal punishment. This is one of the areas in which the author is keeping true to the times, for corporal punishment was quite common in those times. Also, there are complaints that the book is sometimes boring because of its large length. This novel did not feel long to me at all. After reading almost nine-hundred pages (trade paperback) I felt as though the book hadn't been long enough. I hated to see it end. Voyager is my favorite novel of this series thus far. I cannot wait to give Drums of Autumn a whirl. Outlander fans must simply read this third offering. And for others who are new to the series, I recommend that you read these books in order. Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber precede this one. Enjoy!