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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 95405 Santa Rosa, California

  • Veronique Vida - GREAAT SO FARGreat boook! I've bought almost $300 worth of bucks because I really wanna pass my first try. I know I can and I will and so far this book is great, even though there is no disk to review questions its okay... I just got it today but it focuses on the question and eliminating distractors which honestly with my I get distracted easily and tend to drift from the main reason of the question.I'm taking my test soon and all these books is worth it towards the end. DONT give up I hope I get it my first time and I know I will. Just remember your labs, read the clues, and eliminate distractors. :) Thankss!!! I swear these books feel like Christmas even though I hate reading this feeling just makes me feel determined and I dont even want to let go of the book! We are all capable and just be confident
  • Edward Matus - Eureka! What a pen!!!Eureka! What a pen!!! Just what the doctor ordered. It's strong enough for a man but made for a woman.
  • APrime - Finally, City building at it's best returns!Don't let the 1 star cry babies influence your decision. If you are a Sim City fan of the past, you will love this latest iteration.

    Never will understand why someone rates a game the lowest possible score without even playing it. Fix your issues, wait for the server launch load to calm down, and then rate the game properly.


    - Lovely new graphics.
    - Reminiscent music sound track similar to Sim City 4.
    - Tons of new features and elements. Watching the sanitation department come out to residents every morning is a realistic pleasure to see.
    Car full of hooligans robbing a business to a retro 70's theme as your police show up to engage in a shoot out... brilliant. You will see the small things make a huge impact!
    - Multiplayer - Something the past titles had been missing for me. Its always more fun to play with a friend :-)

    Neutral Points:
    Faster paced game play - At least seemingly to me.

    Online only - I don't think you can sandbox offline but I could be wrong. But this will be a turn off for some if true.
    Smaller tiles - Sim City 4 saw absolutely epic landscapes. The max map size this time around seems significantly smaller.
    No Terraforming - The last major con to some. No pre-game customization of the land that I can find.

    Despite the CONS, the game has been an absolute pleasure and will hold my attention and the lady friend for hours and hours to come!