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  • Renée - Hello World - Easy ReadAs the title suggests it's a COMPLETE understanding of computers, it is detail oriented and easy to read, with plenty of pictures and colored headers with tiny side notes to links that you can check for yourself online for further research, it covers a wide range of topics such as computer hardware components to software programs and what types, it even gives you a little taste of current projects from IT oriented companies to keep things in perspective, however, this book assumes you know nothing about computers. It is not a technical manual by any means. I support this book for those who struggle with computer literacy, are just starting out and want to quickly become familiar with computers or who are searching for an unbiased open explanation to some of today's computer terminology and its concepts and how they impact our daily lives.
  • NeurosurgRx - This book will make any clinician's life a whole lot easier!As a PharmD student I have been under profound pressure on rotations with sophisticated medication use and dosing questions - which is why I always make sure to have this in my white coat pocket. It beats references that are several times the size of it. The information encompassing over 1200 drugs is accurate, succinct, and practical - a profound rarity with many references. I like how it also has easy to read tables with emergency cardiac care medication guidelines, drug enzymes, topical steroid dosage forms, and much more. They have done a great job keeping each edition updated with the newest drugs and incorporating the latest research for older drugs. When I see someone spending several minutes flipping through a PDR to find simple dosing information I kindly suggest they get this book. Everyone I know who has it loves it!