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  • Exosus - Verges on perfectI bought over half a dozen books on test prep, and this one is by a huge margin the best of them. It is engaging, and the tone of it is truly remarkable. It feels like you are talking to a highly knowledgeable friend, while imparting more information and knowledge than all the others I bought put together. I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone planning on taking the SAT, or for that matter anyone who finds themselves in school period. The strategies for test-taking, while obviously best suited to the SAT, are very much applicable in every other test taking situation which involves multiple choice.

    Highly insightful, highly engaging, and actually entertaining.
  • "roy@gghc.com" - 2 1/2 years and still going strongI have written two previous reviews of this book, a book that has had a very significant affect on my life. I started following the general principles in March of 1998. I remain about 95% clear. From the research I have done, I can tell you that this regimen works but not for everyone. Psoriasis seems to have a number of causes and therefore probably a number of "cures." This book will explain to you in layman's terms what goes on inside your body that contributes to this condition. If you're "fortunate" enough to have this as your cause, this will most likely ameliorate your symptoms. Here are the basics: 1) Stop eating the nightshade foods, which include tomatoes, potatoes, green, red, yellow and orange pepper, eggplant and paprika. Smoking also has to go. If you drink lots of water, a cup of tea twice a day, use lecithin powder on cereal and salad, take two baths a week with Epsom Salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat whole wheat products, eat chicken breast and fish and avoid all fried foods, you will greatly improve your skin condition. Once you see the clearing, you will understand that the severity of your psoriasis will be able to be controlled by how strictly you adhere to the principles. ... You can complain, you can moan and groan or you could try something that could turn your life around WITHOUT the drugs and steroids. With drugs and steroids, you are just trading one problem for another...
  • The Magic Pumpkin - Great price, excellent computer protection!I've used the paid version of AVG for a number of years now on a number of PCs and it has always worked great. When I saw mine was about to expire I checked AVG's website for the renewal price, then I checked Amazon. I got a whole year of protection for less than half the cost through Amazon, super cheap. I've found AVG anti-virus paired with the paid version of Malwarebytes to be good. I never have any viruses, malware, adware, etc. Recommended.