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  • Tom Demaree - "Mugged" Book ReviewAn old proverb says "A rumor is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on." A skillful demagogue takes full advantage of this. After reading this book, two questions about American mass media news come to mind: What do I believe?, Whom do I trust?

    This book can be very slow and tedious to read if you verify Ms. Coulter's notes. I started with Note 15 to chapter 4. After 11 randomly selected notes (all true), I reached nearly the same conclusions the author did, although her writing is that of a lawyer who manages to keep the language laundered. Enough note checking!

    Does the mass media know that at times they can be manipulated and not have a clue that they are? Does the general public know that at times they are manipulated by the mass media? The author is obviously highly intelligent and well educated; her writing may at best induce the mass media and general public to change their perspective on this topic, or at worst, will be ignored as being too recondite.

    And now, back to watching my Bugs Bunny cartoons...
  • Ray H - ASUS Transformer Prime with KeyboardThis is positively a great product. I bought the ASUS Transformer Prime, Keyboard (sold separately,)and a leather portfolio case (Bluecell). All are excellant.
    I originally bought the ASUS for a friend who is vision impaired so that she could read the newspaper more easily (needs large print). The ASUS is serving that purpose well although it did take an e-mail to the local newspaperpaper requesting support for an Android Tablet. If you use lancasteronline.com, do not download their Application - it is for Android cell phones and isn't at all helpful for the Android Tablet. Just use their main website which now works well on Android Tablet. Their support is very good; I received an almost instant response. They have provided any necessary adjustments to their website that was necessary to accomodate the Android Tablet (Thanks lancasteronline.com).
    Additionally, I have found the Transformer Prime WiFi to have limited range and needed to install a CISCO RE1000 which easily eliminated that problem. I also found the GPS receiver to be less signal sensitive than I expected and requested a bongle (supplied free for the asking from ASUS) which arrived about a week after I registered the Transformer.
    One additional issue - I thought I understood all I needed to watch streaming baseball games on MLB.COM was Adobe Flash and an MLB.COM subscription; but that isn't correct. The Android version of Adobe Flash is not the same as Adobe Flash for the PC. I'm more than a bit disappointed about that, but that is not a problem with the ASUS Tablet.
    Having these "side" issues I have no problem assigning a 5 Star rating to the product. From the time you remove the product out of the shipping packaging everything says "quality", and the product was well packed for shipment too - Thanks AMAZON supplier.
  • Rachel P - Great for pet hairI'm very pleased with this vacuum. I just bought it and have two dogs and it picks up their hair great. The pet tool works awesome for the couches. Also I love how light weight it is because we have a lot of stairs. My only complaint is that it comes with extra tools to use with the hose that dont have a holster on the vacuum cleaner so when I want to use them I have to go back to the closet and get thim. Not a huge deal though. Great vacuum for the money.
  • Gemsparx - Geez, Gone Girl WILL suck you INWas hard to find a stopping point because at some point during the day, even in your day off from work, you have to run errands, go tinkle, wash hands, which requires setting your Kindle down, fix your lunch, etc. Gillian Flynn is so unique in her writing style, I literary developed a 'love-hate' relationship with Amy and Nick. Geez, I can see bits and pieces of my marriage in this book, so raw and real, the dialogues so convincing. I will definitely read more of Mrs. Flynn's work.