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  • Joe Consumer - Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - 3 UserI try to follow safe computing guidelines and do not download files from questionable websites. I use internet security software as insurance for those times when I inadvertantly click on a malicious website, but I was getting very frustraited with the length of time my internet security software was consuming for updates and full scans. It seemed like that software was always in the way of what I needed to do on my laptop. Anyway, I recently purchased a new laptop and the vendor supplied a free one year trial of Kaspersky Internet security. Updates and scans were much faster on my new laptop (but maybe was that because of the faster chip?). I decided to purchase a 3 user package of Kaspersky for the three other laptops we have (including the one I just replaced - now my backup). Turns out it wasn't just the faster chip in my new laptop. Kaspersky can scan the entire hard drive in my old laptop in about half the time as my old security software. If I had known this, I might have held off another year before replacing my old laptop. The purchase price through Amazon was a bargain. With my old securtiy software, I was renewing anually and every year the price was increasing. Glad I made the switch and glad I got the software through Amazon. I paid less for 3 licenses of Kaspersky than I did for one license with my old software. By the way...installation has been a snap (and I've done this on several computers now without a hitch). I use windows to remove the old software first but apparantly some pieces still remain. Each time Kaspersky removed the remaining pieces of my old security software as part of its installation routine. Thank you Kaspersky and Amazon.
  • Janet Bardini - The anti-diet that will change your lifeIt's not a cliche when I say that Lyn Genet's The Plan will change your life. When I went into menopause, my weight went up and I found it more difficult to lose it. My digestion has always been wacked and I've suffered from debilitating knee pain for many years. I found The Plan very easy to follow and each day I followed it, I felt better and better. It was amazing how I would get on the scale and lose 1 -2 lbs a day with the right food combinations. A good part of my knee pain is gone.The BEST thing about The Plan is that you will NOT gain back all the weight you lose, which other diets can't do. You will be able to maintain your goal within a pound or two, which I have done since August 2012. I asked Lyn Genet why this happens, and her response is this: you have improved your digestion and brought your body back to a younger age. As a alternative medicine practitioner, I have been recommending The Plan to many of my patients. GO ON THE PLAN!