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  • T. Burbey - Fairly simple to put together - without the instructionsI purchased the stand from another site - as a Factory Refurbished item. I was able to save about $40 that way, but alas, the stand came with NO instructions. I was unable to get a response on obtaining the instructions from Bowflex (in their defense, I grew impatient waiting and I didn't buy it from them). I printed a photo of the stand and have often used the zoom feature here on Amazon's photo to figure out the assembly. It is pretty straight forward - but you do have to be careful which screws you put where. There are several that look the same, but are slightly different in length. In fact, the ONLY problem I had with assembly - I've never used Lock Nuts before and couldn't figure out how you get those dumb things on! But that is a malfunction on my part - not the stands! I will say, aside from not knowing how to use a lock nut, I'm relatively mechanically oriented and find assembly of items very easy. I also enjoy assembling things and found the assembly without instructions to be a nice brain exercise!

    The stand itself is sturdy. It defintely helps reduce strain on your lower back - worth the cost if you ask me. I also like the wheels on the bottom so I can move it out of the way from my children. I like the option standard feet though - I can see a time when I would like it to not be moved around. But for now, we have to use the wheels. I also like the straps on the stand. I believe they are to keep the plates of the dumbbells in place so that they don't lift when you are lifting heavier weights. BUT I've discovered they are so simple to remove and re-attach, that I take them up over the dumbbell when not using the weights. This prevents little children from attempting to lift the weights. As I don't have the instructions, not sure if this was intended or recommended, but it works for us. I don't personally use the weights - they are for my husband (who is out of town for a while - thus why I assembled the stand). So I can't comment on the stand during use.
  • S. R. Keegan "srkeegan" - Perfect for Foreclosure Notices and Job Rejection Letters!I now live in Reno, Nevada, where half the homes are under water and about a quarter of my neighbors have lost their homes. I recommend this binder to store all the threatening letters they get from creditors and to keep track of all their foreclosure notices, so they know when the Reno Police Department will show up on their door and make them move.

    I also recommended it to my sister, who has been out of work for the past three years. She likes to store the rejection letters she gets on a weekly basis. It also helps her keep track of the anti-depression medications she has had to be put on so she won't kill herself. Since suicide is up 25% over the past two years, we have been very concerned about her.

    It has absolutely helped with the real problems she faces. Not so much the manufactured ones.
  • theTextBooksDotOrg - works but vision side effectsI used this product for about 2 months now. Previously I have used ScalpMed and rogain (not consistently). I would highly recommend scalpMed because it was quite effect I should say (at least what they told me) but it had a side effect on me that is it was affecting my eyes and vision. I was the first one to report this on their website and then a few people said the same thing too. So although I liked ScalpMed, I could not use because my vision was literally going bad. That means even sitting in front of computer etc and TV you see the notice. The other thing that i did not like about ScalpMed is a bit of mess but I guess if it works, a bit of mess is OK. I then turned to rogain foam and did no really use it regularly. I was mor intersted in my front hairs not the crown.

    I must also say that please do not use ScalpMed if your hairs are falling on a regular slow rate or not falling speadily. I have seen a few reviews on another site in which ppl said their hairs loss increased after quiting and their hair loss was not that bad before.

    After leavign scalpMed, may be around 5 months after, i experinced speed balding. It was so aggressive that i thought I am goint to be bald in 3 months. I started to see my scalp learly and could indvidually see every hair. Going back to ScalpMed was not a options because of the eye Side effects. I started to research on laser comb and the technology. After reviews and checking video on youtube and other serveys from NBC etc, I decided to try it out. As someone who is loosing hair at alarmng rate, all i would want is stop the hair loss if the grewing does not work.

    After using hair max laser ( I order it from ebay though), I notice that if laser beam was not properly aligned. I was quite skeptical of it but i was also thinking if something is selling for 500$+ it must be good atleast to some extent. So here what i found. I turned on my laser, and point the laser beam to the ceiling and i noticed that the laser lights are not uniform. In fact they are most concentration on one side and almost no existant on the other. I was skeptical was it my laser comb or every laser comb is like this. But i stick with it and though i will return it if things don't work at all.

    Appling laser is clean and easy. I usally watch tv while comb my hairs with it for 13 min. After using it for first few times, i notice some of my thick hairs fell but after that my hairs almost stopped falling, that is what it seem. If i would shake my hairs in basin with my hand, very few hairs would fall if they would fall at all. So i was very pleased esp that there is no cream or any solution, just 10-15 min laser treatment. I think probably it helped me retain my hairs for a bit longer. I also think it might have increased my density to some extent although I don't have any scientifict study. But I have also noticed that my V is perhaps on increase, although at a slower speed perhaps. I have no problem using this device but my only concern right now is the vision again. It have started to experience the same vision affect as I got from ScalpMed although it is not that bad. I think I might discontinue it for that reason alone if things did not change. But overall I think it was positive experience. One doctor told me, it is bad science. Other doctors esp in hair transplant industry, it is used regularly and is recommended. So I would recommend it. Please do not expect miracles. I lost some of my hairs very recently and it did not seem to regrow that. Also when combing try to move really slow, the 3 sec method. If you go faster, the affect may not be that pronounced at all. I think it still needs more research. I would highly recommend it because it does seem to work. Of course it has side affect for me.