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  • Squeaks77 - K1 beats K2 for me :)I've had the Original Kindle since Xmas (it was a very surprising gift) and I LOVE it! I love it so much I recommended my mother purchase one since the price seemed quite worth it, if you're a reader. She purchased the K2, which is nice but I still like the K1 better. The K2 is taller and, at least in my hands, feels top heavy and tired my wrists. The silver scroll bar on the K1 is WAY cooler than the K2 button scroller and my mother said she kept accidentally buying books with the K2 button/scroll. The text to speech thing seems nice and I'm sure it is if you can't read the words yourself but is otherwise creepy. It's like how you might picture the toaster reading a book to you with no emotion and emphasis on the wrong words. I have yet to fill up my memory, and have treated the K1 very well while still having it in my purse everywhere I go. The battery life is quite long if you turn off the modem, amd you can still read while it is charging, since if you do leave it for a long time the battery will naturally lose it's charge. I've never had mine freeze up or have had any problems downloading. I hope this is helpful!!
  • Susie Murray - homework helperBefore purchasing this reference I looked at all the reviews,the one review really sold me. Like me, he was a pharm tech student and said that this book really helped him with his homework. I needed to make drug cards and this book was perfect. It's just the right size to slip in the backpack and contains alot of drug information. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • S. Myers "Sanlii" - NIS 2012 DownloadDownloading the Norton Internet Security 2012 software was an easy process. Good price. Simple installation. Three PCs covered. Program operates smoothly. No serious hit on PC performance. Identifies programs that hog CPU power. Appears to do a good job of keeping out cyber threats. Recommended.
  • justme - ConvenientThis in no way replaces my hard copy of the Ensign which I read, highlight and write notes on, but for less than a dollar, I have a copy that can go in the car, to the doctor's office, on an airplane or anywhere else I might have an otherwise boring wait. And it comes back intact without dog-eared or torn and wrinkles pages.