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  • nono "N.N." - Don't want to be dramatic, but this stuff has changed my confidence!So i waited a while before writing a post, but I have to say I am very happy with this product.

    I have always struggled with breath issues, but was able to control it with obsessive levels of oral hygiene, which included brushing multiple times a day, always carrying mints and gum. God forbid I was caught without gum or mints, I would be really self conscious. Most recently things got worse. Gum and mints made my breath worse, Listerine made my breath worse. I would brush my teeth and floss and it was like I had done nothing. My morning breath was also really bad. My hubby who is the kind of person that never gets bad breath told me I smelled like I was rotting from the inside. I started to get depressed and self conscious, so I started researching. I spoke to a friend who is a nutritional scientist and did a major overhaul. I took digestive enzymes, and intestinal probiotics she suggested to help be produce more saliva and digest my food better. That helped a little, and provided comfort after eating, but I still wasn't feeling as fresh as I wanted.

    Finally, I found Dr. Katz's stuff. I did the oral probiotics starter pack and the mouthwash. At first I thought the stuff was just okay, but I stuck with it. A couple of weeks in, it's like a miracle. My morning breath is gone, and my breath is smells like nothing, which is what I always wanted! I don't gargle as much as prescribed, I use enough to coat my mouth. I do like combining it with the toothpaste that was provided in the probiotic starter pack, but it was small. I found Arm and Hammer has a very similar toothpaste for much cheaper. My routine is to brush with A&H Hydrogem Peroxide and Baking Soda paste, and rinse out the paste with this mouthwash. I am just so happy that I don't have to be so self conscious anymore. The probiotics say you may have to use them again, but I will wait and see. I also have some oral probiotic tablets from NOW that hold me over and taste like Strawberry.

    I experienced no aftertaste, in fact it is nearly tasteless. I prefer this as it does not burn like Listerine. I say give it a try, and give it several weeks before making a verdict. It took me a couple of weeks for my mouth to neutralize. I have to say my breath smells/tastes so good right now that I almost feel like i don't need it, but I don't want to take the risk. Definitely give it a try if you are like I was and at a loss with traditional oral care products.
  • sancarrworkout - Wonderful Product get it!!!And a distributor that gets it, as soon as I ordered the product I received a welcome, and instructional email. A product that is good and works, on time delivery and well packaged how can you not get behind that kind of effort. I was taking the pills but when my sister sent me a recommendation for this product I jumped at it the pills worked and they were ok but I had been looking for the liquid for better absorption 5 stars....