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  • Penny Lewis - Great product did what it saidI read all the reviews before I purchased this product and it showed that there were more positive reviews than non positive results. I am happy to say that this product did exactly what it said it was going to do. I had a small raised brown mole on the side of my face. I scrached it with the file pretty good all over it until it was really tender and then I put the product on which did sting for awhile. Then the next morning I woke up with a scab which I tried to hide under a bandaid which I drew more attention than without. The scab then came off a week later. The area is red and has a little divit but is already filling in. I am so please with the results it worked for me and was well worth the money due to the fact that the mole was taken off twice previousely by a dematologist and it came back.
  • ~ - ugh great! <3Ugh, OMG it goes without saying... what Lesbian Romance doesn't Radclyffe write well!?!
    (But maybe I am biased, I am in the medical field so here stories suck me right in!) (FYI every bit of medical jargon in her books is accurate.)
    Anyway, I Loved THIS one! And I loved how characters were revisited later, it added to the readers commitment to what they were going through.
  • truckerloyd - Wool ExperienceWow..... I finished the complete series and want more. I have had to go to Ms. Christie to read about "what ifs" with Silo 49. Thanks for Mr. Howey's approval of her book so that us Wool followers can moderately satisfy our hunger for more of the wool series. I recommend that readers put this high on their read list.
  • Denise Emerick - Love this heading padIt's a great size. It covers my entire neck and back. It can be easily wrapped around my limbs. It has both an automatic turn-off after two hours and an override button which keeps it on indefinitely. The material is very comfortable, however, I must admit that I made a cover for it. Although it states it can be washed, I've read that many times with other like items, such as electric blankets and mattress pads only to find that as soon as I did wash them, they no longer worked. I'm not taking any chances with this!