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  • Jason A. Kramer - A Blast to PlayIf I wouldn't have purchased this game because of the other reviews, I would be regretting it now. First, about me... I'm a 33 year old gamer. I was raised on Duke Nukem, Doom, Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. Now, I am playing Diablo 3. I was not able to play opening night because my pre order didn't show up until 2 days later. But when I was able to start playing, I loved it.

    Any negative review (which is most) that pertains to not being able to play on opening night should automatically be thrown out. That is not a game review; it's a server review. Also, how hard is it to connect to the internet when you want to play? Our computers are always online anyway. The issue I can see with that is if the server is down. I look at that as time I can spend researching character builds.

    Now for the game itself. I think the graphics' are better than the other 2 Diablo's. I like the character selection and addition of my new favorite character, the witch doctor. I have zero lagging issues with either my graphics card or internet. I am not far enough to comment on the story line, but so far that seems ok.

    I know some of you will hate this review, but get over it.
  • Brandon K. - LOVE THIS TABLET!I absolutely love this tablet and use it every day! It's light, versatile, fast and has all the glory that is Android ICS. If you can find it, buy it, as it is worth every penny...
  • M. Davis - Pink Floyd... not really but I love it.I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. I like Roger Waters as well. This album sounds (as it really is) a Gilmour solo effort with little imput from Wright and NONE from Mason (see album jacket credits). This to me sounds like David Gilmours, About Face solo album. I see little Pink Floyd in this. Unlike Momentary Laspe, there is no Water/old Floyd Feel to it. However, it is a great album for Gilmour slanted fans. I I consider it one of my fav's