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  • Anthony BRADLEY - Required ReadingAslan has dedicated his life to researching and documenting the historical life of Jesus, the man. I think Aslan does an excellent job of putting the stories associated with Jesus in historical context, and I found the description of the conflict and tension between the original church led by the Apostles, and the rogue version invented by Paul which eventually crushed the preachings of Jesus and emerged as Christianity fascinating.

    I plan to read one or two of the rebuttal books--at least Bill O'Reilly's--but books I have read in the past which attempt to defend Christianity or the Bible generally rely on an assumption that we first agree that Jesus is the son of God, and accept the divinity of the Bible, and then "back that up" with a lot of circular arguments based on that false assumption. Plus, Aslan has a doctorate and studied the topic for decades--including citing sources--while the rebuttal books are essentially knee-jerk responses by people who were offended or feel that Aslan has in some way challenged their faith, and most likely rely on citing the Bible as a source to itself. So, I'm not expecting great things from the rebuttal books.
  • Denise - I love it and use it constantlyI'm actually on my second one because I broke my first one (my fault, not a defect) and the moment I broke it I turned into a store and exchanged it for another one because I knew I couldn't live without it. I suction it to the little plastic Window that is over my car radio panel because I use my cell phone for music more often than the regular radio (hence the need for the gripgo, so that my cell can be accessed and viewed hands free) also for the gps on my cell, it's right there in my face so I don't have to look away from the road. The suction works well. It does not fall off with bumps or turns or anything. In fact the thing that it's suctioned to in my car is plastic, which made me think it wouldn't stick as well as if it were stuck on glass, but it does. So if you're planning on sticking it to glass you should be good. The arm can be adjusted up or down and the part the cell phone sticks to is like a ball and socket joint so it can swivel all around. The stuff the cell sticks to is some kind of sticky gel, but it does NOT leave sticky residue on anything! And it holds very well. So well in fact that the first time I stuck my cell to it I could hardly pull it off! So what I did was the thing is packaged with a plastic sheet over the sticky part....I left that covering all but about half an inch only a small portion of the sticky is actually holding my cell! And as that loses its stick (just from getting dusty and constant use) I just move the little sheet to expose another half inch more of fresh sticky and just keep doing that till finally I'm using the whole thing without the sheet. All you have to do is run it under some water and rub it a little and let it air ddry if the sticky loses its stickiness. Or use a moist wipe. I don't understand those who had a bad experience with this. I love it and I love that my cell phone isn't sliding all over my passenger seat anymore and I love that if I park and want to watch a video in my car I don't have to hold my cell to do so. Also this would be perfect for parents to use instead of buying back seat dvd screens for their kids, the gripgo is strong enough to hold a tablet. ...... just suction it to the Window and stick a tablet on it for the kids to watch a movie in the back seat.
  • D. L. Haiber "Librarian-in-training" - I think this is a 'Holy Grail' product for me...Ok, first of all, I'm a a 3a white-girl, and I did get some odd looks from the cashier at Sally's when purchasing this product. I am not at all sorry that I did, though -- it's just what I've been looking for. Like many before me, I like Wen, but I do not like the price. This is a nice alternative -- it was on sale for $6.99 and I had a 20% coupon -- so I actually paid about $5.60. In my opinion, that's not bad for 16 oz. of product.

    Now, my results: GREAT. My hair feels clean and LIGHT (anybody who has ever had build-up or a co-wash that didn't get you quite clean enough will appreciate this) and OH-so-soft. Like, seriously, you won't believe how soft. My curls are shiny and defined (well, except I kept putting my hands in 'em, so they probably could have looked even better if I had more self-control!) But, seriously -- my hair feels so nice. Waaaaaaay better than when I co-wash with Vo5 conditioners. I'd say the results I've gotten are comparable to Wen, maybe even better.

    The only Con I can think of is -- well, I am not too too crazy about the smell. I know I'm in the minority there -- as most people love it. It's not God-awful, just not great, in my opinion. That will not stop me from re-purchasing, though -- as I think this stuff is awesome. If you're wondering if it'll work well on caucasion hair, I vote 'yes' -- it's amazing for mine.
  • S. Harrison - once I was homelyUntil very recently I was not considered a beautiful girl. But since I bought several gallons of the lovely, creamy, beauty-infused Tuscan Whole Milk, and bathed in it regularly (until it began to sour, a surprising 3 weeks later, and even then the clots were amazingly sweet) I am now being considered for Prom Queen at our local educational purveyor. This fact is especially impressive, since I am 43 years old, and missing a couple of body parts. Huzzah!
  • deadweather - best probioticI was diagnosed with Gastroparesis nearly a year ago, and since then I've tried a bunch of different probiotics (in addition to my medications) trying to find something that will make me feel somewhat better. Before Align, I was using Digestive Advantage Gas Defense Formula - it worked for a while if I took 2 a day but stopped being effective after about a month. With the Gastroparesis, I have horrible bloating, stomach pain, chest pain, nausea, chronic constipation, intestinal blockages, intestines constantly filling up with air, horrible pressure on stomach and intestines, and an extremely limited diet (basically I can eat things like baby food, cooked carrots, squash, broth-based soup, jello, baked apples without the skin, pudding and white rice, and no more than 1/2 cup of anything at a time..I can't eat anything that is high in fiber, has a tough skin, any leafy greens, raw fruits/vegetables or most cooked fruits/vegetables, anything fried or with a lot of fat, etc). I am also lactose intolerant and am sensitive to gluten.

    The first week on Align was AWFUL - my waist is normally 22.5" and for over a week I was so bloated and puffy that my waist measured 27". I was extremely uncomfortable and was having bad chest pains and stomach pains, and bad gas (embarassing!), but my doctor told me to tough it up for at least three weeks before I made a decision about whether or not I wanted to continue.

    I'm about to start my sixth week of Align and have never felt better! I still have the extremely limited diet/can only eat very small portions, but pretty much all of my other symptoms are completely gone. Once my body got used to the Align, the bloating/pain/gas went away; I am no longer constantly nauseous and bloated and no longer feel like I'm going to explode because of pressure build up. My bowels are completely normal for the first time basically in my whole life and for the first time in almost two years I am able to go out and do things with my friends without having extreme anxiety about possible GI problems.

    Align has been a total lifesaver and I hope that it doesn't stop working like the Digestive Advantage did. As long as I am very strict about my diet, I feel about as normal and healthy as is possible for me. Before Align, I was very depressed and did not know how much longer I would be able to deal with the constant pain, nausea and discomfort. I am so thankful for Align and am relieved that my doctor persuaded me to continue taking it regardless of how bad it initially made me feel.

    I would recommend this to anyone who has any sort of GI problem.