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  • Sedona John - Continues To Be An Outstanding Software ProductI have been a user of Quicken for over 15 years. I keep all my financial transactions on Quicken such as checking, investments, money market accounts, etc. I particularly like the reports feature where I can get a daily Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc. I update my investments daily using the download feature. The reports are extremely useful during tax time. It is easy to print off each category, fill out the tax planner and send to the CPA to does my Federal and State Income taxes. Just a very, very good money manager software.
  • n2shooz - Works great.I normally buy this at Wal-Mart but when they had not restocked in a few weeks, I had to find it somewhere else. I take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening and it keeps me regular without harshness.
  • R. DuFour - Finally ... a great soundbar with a kickass sub ... below a grand!Initially wrote this as a response to another thoughtful user, but thought it might offer a subjective experience from an amateur, yet picky listener:

    Very satisfied after listening over the past 48 hours (I'm a believer in letting new speakers enjoy several hours of burn-in time). Looks like I've finally found a soundbar and sub that satisfies my very selective ears that enjoy crisp highs, mid-range clarity and deep, strong bass.

    Three other soundbars I've ordered ... and returned:

    The Energy Soundbar Elite sounded like hollow cardboard with a sub that had little power.
    The Boston Tvee Model 30 had a great soundbar, but the sub also had shallow sound.
    The Bose CineMate soundbar sounded pleasant, but slightly muffled with another disappointing sub.

    All three of these units that I returned had side-facing subs as opposed to this Klipsch soundbar that has a down-firing sub. For some reason, this makes a difference in my living room where I have ceramic tiles and not wood or carpet. I'm also very satisfied by the clarity of the Klipsch soundbar - far superior to the other three soundbars. I'm also (unexpectedly) a big fan of the 3D option (faux surround sound) on the Klipsch soundbar - it's the best I've ever heard.

    I was tempted to wait for the release of the new Polk SB9000, but after reading the specs of the unit (only an 8" sub and smaller speakers on the soundbar, compared to this Klipsch) and a customer service rep that said the release delay was due to "working the bugs out", I've decided this is absolutely the best unit on the market at the price ... for my picky ears.
  • Daniel Limbach "Reader, writer, gadget guy" - Never Gets OldWhen you compile the list of the 10 albums you would want if you were stranded on a desert island, this one might possibly get the most votes. Not only is it one of the all-time greats, but it is a double album, which has to factor into it.

    As far as concept albums go, this could be the last truly great one we've experienced, and perhaps the greatest concept album ever, with apologies to "Tommy" by the Who, which can't match the power of this album.