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  • Alia Haig "night reader" - ImprovementI'm so used to the PC version from 2003 which I loved and was so disappointed with the later version. This Mac version is so awesome and full of graphic possibilities. I wish though that when making a page a totally different color, like for a poster or brochure, that it doesn't need to have a small white border. Timely and smooth download with easy instruction and at a reasonable price :)
  • yang see - Not the usual Martial Arts FilmI am a huge fan of Chinese Films , if you expected the usual martial arts film you will be surprised as this turns out to be a csi investigation. Donnie Yen gives a terrific performance unlike the last couple of films where he seemed to be acting by numbers. The detective also gives a terrific performance with soul. Lookout for Jimmie Wang Yu's performance I hardly recognised him . Highly recommended