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  • Jesselyn - Best Case Ever! I Love It!Just got my case today! I was so excited when I opened my package! The color was exactly what I wanted! It is very easy to put on, & fit perfectly! I would recommend buying this product to anyone! The clear cover for keyboard works fine, Its very easy to type with it on. But from touching the keys, you'll start to see marks from the oil on your hands, just take it off and put it back on! All it does is lay on the keys! Hope this helped! BUY IT!
  • b.taylor - TeachingAs a teacher of the nation's children, my hands are tied when the little rats talk out of turn, are late for class, or do any of the myriad things obnoxious brats are capable of. With all the brouhaha over drugging them up with Ritalin to make them shut the hell up, not every child in my class is on this prescription form of chemical control. And it is illegal to beat them. (Oh, how I miss the days of the wooden spoon...) Anyway, Defense Technology is the answer! I gave everybody in my class one spritz after receiving this product in the mail. I told them if they pi$$$$$d me off, I'd spray them again. Worked like a charm! The principal of our elementary school told me I can expect to receive the "teacher of the year" award in the spring because of how well-behaved my class is. Thanks, Defense Technology!
  • Veronica S. - The best protection EVER!This is truly the first recommendation I have ever written about any product in my life. So here goes. For those of you who have never tried this product and also for those of you who have spent hundreds of dollars on anti-virus software that doesn't work, I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend Kaspersky. I have been using this software since 2009. Since 1998 when I had my first computer, an HP Pavillion, I have had about 20 computers! Why? For the sad and simple reason that the anti-virus programs that I purchased in the past did not protect my computers from viruses. Every year for the past 4 years, I go on Amazon and purchase Kaspersky and I STILL have the same computer I bought in 2009. This is an AMAZING product. I think ALL virus protection software gives some degree of "slowness" to one's computer, but Kaspersky has never made me feel like my system was lagging or dragging which is a BIG + for me! I love seeing the pop ups in the bottom right hand corner when I click on a bad email or link - Kasperky catches trojans, worms, malware, etc. BEFORE it wrecks my computer. Also....try to find a better price than this! This saves us a bundle! Thanks Amazon! I again HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone from personal computers to businesses! Good luck and enjoy!