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  • S. Bates - After Hours Of Research, I'm Glad I Chose The Hutzler 571After slicing through my third finger while trying to quickly cut through a banana that was a little too ripe, I decided I'd had enough! I knew what I needed, just didn't know which slicer would actually do the job, I mean think about it; cutting a banana is pretty laborious and dangerous work. Not a task for the weak and weary. So I started my research. I scoured hundreds of websites and read thousands of reviews. I would have eye strain and fatigue from going through all technical specs and various info on the many different slicers available. But the fear of slicing that next banana tomorrow morning kept me up most nights and I was loosing a great deal of sleep, it started to really effect my health. So there I was, website after website, review after review. I mean you've got: The Chef'n Bananza Banana Slicer, The Fox Run Banana Slicer, The Banana Magic Kitchen Tool, The Amco 3 in 1 Banana Split Tool, The Garden Fresh Banana Slicer, The Martha Stewart Banana Slicer, The Nana Slicer, The Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP, The Evriholder Nana Slicer, The Boon Nanner Hand-Held Banana Slicer, etc. You've got your gold plated slicers, nickel plated slicers, plastic slicers, and of course the knock off's (but who wants those). So I read, and read, and read.. and finally, after what seemed like months (was probably just a few weeks) of reading and research, I FINALLY came across THE ONE... The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer!!!! I purchase this slicer and couldn't be happier. This thing is absolutely amazing! No more sliced up/off fingers anymore. I do agree with some of the other reviewers that it could use some extra instructions as the instructions it comes with are rather vague. Be warned it does come with a pretty steep learning curve, but let me tell you, it's well worth it! As you learn to use this device, just keep pressing through and you'll get the hang of it before long.

    To all of those who have scoured the Internet as long as I have. Your time has not been in vein, you have come to the right place. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer is the holy grail of banana slicers. Do yourself a favor, put down the knife and order this device, it will set you free!
  • T. Weaver - Sweet perfection!So glad my laptop died, gave me an excuse to buy this tablet primarily to be used as a music player for teaching line dancing. Wakes up right away when you turn it on. Easy to navigate. Stores all my music on micro SD card. Easy to download songs from PC via supplied USB cord, instead of complicated shared folders in Windows. Found an app that allows slowing down a song without changing the pitch. Plus I can browse emails or websites. Read the news. There's even an app to send/receive text messages, using WiFi, with easy to see 10" screen. It even changes the channels on my cable box right from the TV listings screen.
  • Herbert Otto - STCA4000100 works with WinXPI had expected to divide the 4 TB into 2 partitions. But when I connected to one of my Windows XP PCs, I was surprised to see the report from Disk Manager - Win XP was seeing the whole thing - over 3.6 TB! After consulting with others who agreed it should Not work - I settled down to test. I filled up the drive to over 3 TB - then read back random files. It worked!
    The system I used for testing was Windows XP Pro - 32 bit. Then I tried the same series of tests on another PC - with Windows XP Home. It also worked!
    I'll interject here - with a WDC drive - the systems can only see 2 TB - as expected on a 32 bit system.
    So - Seagate software people have worked some magic in the drivers - to overcome the problem. I've been searching for an answer - but meantime - bought a second external drive - and it works the same!
    Use the Seagate Dashboard - to set the timer - so the drive will wind down - during off times - and not burn up.
    I'm a very happy convert. I have over 50 External Drives - mostly WDC. I'm now using Seagate.
    I'll add - Amazing price on the 4 TB drives !
  • Annette Gaarden "Annette Gaarden" - The best ! - but take it off at night.This is a fantastic make up. Very easy to put on without looking "caky" at all. I works for me and leaves a completely natural look. The best is that you don't have to use so much as you think.

    Just remember that less is more, or else it can turn into flakes and look anything else than natural.

    There is one thing I will recommend: use a moisturiser and let it go into your skin (almost) before you put bareMinerals on. The foundation is very fine to even out skin tones. I have a touch of rosacea, but bareMinerals is still the best to use.

    Some women can sleep with it, but my expirience is that it's better to TAKE IT OFF AT NIGHT. It can cause pimples at the jawline if you let it stay on.

    I can only recommend to give it a try!