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  • krichey - Should've put... 3 rings on it!My honey and I have been dating for what seems like a CENTURY to him (6 months) and I have been begging for him to go ahead and lock me in for the long haul. Finally this past weekend, in front of all our pots and pans, he popped the question! And he put THREE rings on it! I knew right then and there that this was going to be a relationship to last a lifetime- durable, tightly bound, and with strict parameters. No questioning who wears the pants in this house! And the best part is our binder comes in 50 shades of grey. He's so thoughtful! The 2-inch width allows room for me to grow... but not TOO much! No need to pay for my birth control- it's built in! I love how thrifty he is. Can't wait to see which binder he puts me in for Christmas... maybe that one will include recipes!
  • Jason B. - Great tablet for your money!!Get rid of the ads amazon!!I have a nook, ipad, kindle gen 1 and now I own two kindle fires gen2. Amazon knocked it outta the park on this handheld tablet! Very easy to use but does have a couple draw backs hate the button location on the device and hate the adds I wish I woulda bought no ads options on both a customer should NOT have to pay for this option amazon should be glad customers are buying there product instead of the other dozens of tablets on the market!!!! But other than that very user friendly. Have yet to purchase the new kindle fire xd to see if they improved all the improfections of the older kindle devices.
  • R. L. Morse - Love the Bose sound systemMy husband and I love the Bose sound system. The sound is amazing and we can finally watch TV and hear everything without having to crank up the volume. My only complaint is the directions that come with the system tell you to connect it to your tv when really we needed to run it through our Direct TV box. If you connect it directly to the tv without running it through your cable box it doesn't work. I don't know a whole lot of people who don't have cable so Bose might want to update their instructions. Other than the directions the Bose Solo TV sound system is amazing and worth every penny.
  • ReadyRuffian - A wonderful tool for refocusing your dayThis book has made all the difference in my daily life. It is a phenomenal feeling to dig into a rich text that feels both familiar and foreign, simultaneously, and to know that you are joining in over one thousand years of tradition.
    Living in a society that is ready to throw away the old for something new, it is marvelous to go back and discover the richness of the early church.

    If I had to describe the experience of this book in one sentence: It's like coming home.