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  • Ducky - The Father and Son RelationshipOne of the best books I have read in a long time. The relationship between the father and the son brings out the protective
    Impulse every father should have towards their son. As a father I was moved to tears many times while reading this remarkable book. Feeling helpless, knowing you were going to leave your son in a an alien world was just overwhelming.
  • Apostolic - Awesome "Prime" The name says enoughAfter having owned the Galaxy Tab 10.1" and the 7" From Samsung.
    And spending hours exploring the other Android tablets available and an Ipad both in reviews and hands on.
    The Asus Transformer Prime With Android 4.03 is appropiately named, Transformer "Prime" ,as in Prime rib = Prime tablet.
    The speed difference alone in the Prime compared to others available is evident in everyday use of app launching or something as simple in keyboard response (NO Lag)
    The Samsung galaxy Tabs offer a pleasant screen, which is one of the main reasons for purchasing my first Galaxy Tab.
    But I can honestly say the Asus Tf201 Transformer Prime Display is Beautiful.
    My 25" hd HP monitor doesnt display blacks or contrast with the readability of the Prime
    If you are considering an Android Tablet I can highly recommend The Asus
    And for anyone Not familiar with the ASUS name "Asus" has been building computer motherboards along with other major components for over 25 years.
    I have owned my Transformer Prime for about a month.
  • Y. Tucker - Scared me, well, shirtlessI love Mccarthy, so let's get that out of the way first. And I am NOT into apocalyptic b.s. But dangit, Mccarty could write me my local phone book and I'd read it twice. I've read his border trilogy and just haven't decided how to review it without giving too much away in this one. Someone gave this one star because it is dark. Well I wouldn't slam a book (or author like that just for the story being dark). They have things like book jackets and samples and even trailers. Reviewer shoulda known. But she's right. This is DARK. But it so beautifully written it's still like poetry, though. I want to tell you about the conflicting emotions inside the dad's head in terms of his son, but I don't want to give too much away.If you've ever been a parent you'll get it and it'll rip you apart.

    Just get it. The man's an all-time classic.
  • Chips & Chips - Olympus VR-320This is my second digital camera and it is an excellent product. I began taking pictures within an hour or two of receiving it, even before the battery was completely charged. I wanted a camera that could take extreme close-ups and it does fit the bill. It has two macro ranges, one standard and one fixed focus one that will allow me to take very detailed photos of small parts. The specs could have been a bit more detailed about this feature. The 12.5:1 zoom range is great for going from wide angle to a really good telephoto view. It did not come with any memory card and one is really needed as the built in memory is only good for about 7 (from the specs) to 10 (my observation) full resolution photos at a time. Again, the specs could have been more specific. But I knew I needed a card anyway so I was not disappointed. The viewfinder is a full 3" diagonal and is readily visible outside. This is a really great buy for the money.
  • CPickens - Use this all the timeWhen Microsoft Money went out of use, I switched to Quicken. I'm writing this in 2013, but I'm still using the same version. It allows me to download information from my bank. I no longer balance a checkbook by hand or keep track of bills by hand. It use this on my laptop. Couldn't live without this.