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  • Glinda2k - brilliant, gripping and disturbing futuristic taleAs usual, the book is richer and more detailed than the film. Suzanne Collins creates a society with a huge divide of power and resources between the 'haves' living in the city and the 'have-nots' living in the poorer rural districts with a sadistic annual ritual where the poor have to compete in a life or death game to entertain the rich
  • k killinger - HOLY COW!!!!I have struggled from cold sores since I was 10, getting made fun of for them, being made to feel self consious stressing even worse about them to the point of tears. I've tried natural remedies, countless numbers of topical treatments and this one by far is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!! I had a cold sore about two weeks ago when I got sick and I didnt catch it in time for proper treatment and everything I used seemed to make it worse... abreva helped my already formed cold sore to heal quicker but $20 for a tiny tube and it still took a week and a half to heal. I ordered this product and decided to keep it around for the next one that decided to lurk it way up to the surface. Well this morning around 2 am I started to feel that annoying tingling warning sign saying "I'm getting ready to make your life hell for a week" and as soon as I could get to my medicine cabinet I used the treatment. almost twelve hours later what started out as a small cold sore about the size of a zit is now GONE!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it i have never experienced a better relief and treatment!!!
  • arlene k. christensen - Perfect for my Scion XBI love my little "toaster on wheels" and loved seeing the smiles on others faces when they saw "Granny" driving her little reindeer. What was really cool was when I wore my Mrs. Claus costume to read Christmas stories at the local bookstore and the looks I got when the other drivers saw Mrs. Claus driving "Rudolph", not Santa Claus !!! Strike one for women's lib !!!!!