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  • Michael Beilenson - Here is a product that really works.I have done real steriods in the past and I can tell you that this is the real thing.....The weight I can lift has gone up,I have gained about five pounds and I can see the results.(very good ones)......There are some side effects-minor mood swings(you just have to learn how to controll)...Some very light feelings in the kindey area(the same as I got for the underground steriods)...Some very minor acne....Le tme tell you that looking at my self in the mirror I can see the changes in only a few weeks....I doing two bottles and then a break for a few months......VERY HAPPY
  • William D. Mccormick "Traveler" - Everything in one book!!I looked at many books about the Appalachian Trail and found this to be the most complete for a Tru-Hiker. Specifically, I liked the detailed descriptions of the services available at each stop along the trail. Descriptions of Lodgings, medical facilities, maps of key towns, and other services is quite good. I have be able keep a light pack by resupplying about every three days.
  • Stephen L. Hall - Our Greatest PresidentExtremely well written biography which unfolds the story of the life of Coolidge with a seamless integration of his character, humor, personal life and public career. In the book, you can see the cultural influences of the progressive movement and the beginnings of the growth of government from the then recent changes in the Constitution. On the other hand, the author makes Mrs. Coolidge and President Coolidge feel like an old family friend.
  • Dalila11coffee "Mary Sarkees" - A must have ...I have a hard time making out what is being said, when I watch TV. This was my last resort..Tried the ear bulky..This actually did the trick..My husband brought it for me the week it came out. He thought I would have returned it by now..Not happening!!! Great clarity fits great under my TV and even sounds great when you play music channels.. I now own 3 Bose systems..The Wave Radio, Tower and Solo TV..Love them all!!! So, if you have a hard time hearing your TV give this a try...Other sound bars did not compare..Worth Every Penny!!!
  • Terry Holdbrooks - Disregard the 1 star reviewsThey lack the interest or the concentration to play the game as it was designed. They want to easily finish it, and it is not easily finished. I played Diablo 1 and 2, I grew up with them, I remember when demos existed for everything. Kids today have no concept of these ideas, the past, quality, etc. This is a fun game!