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  • Lakemoor - Worked for MeAfter a year of regularly recurring yeast and UTI infections the doctor suggested I try this product. I have been taking it every day for 7 months and have had no infections. This is cheaper than going to the doctor and paying for a precription to treat the infection plus it is no missed time off work.
  • David B Pasquarello - Great TabletThe tablet is fast has a bright screen and when connected to the optional; keyboard makes it lite a tiny laptop.
  • L. Mai "L" - get this as soon as you can. after 3 weeks used, totally in love.I was frustrated for the 1st week about the battery life. I thought it was horrible, after 4-5 hours heavy used, the baterry ran down to 30%. So disappointed. However, I did some homework and now, I got 8 hrs used and till have 40% left. So happy. Do urself a favor, get this phone and following this:
    Problem solved.
    Beside that, love everything. Lumia 920 is amazing compare to my old plastic galaxy note 1 and the old styled iPhone. Best phone ever from Nokia. Love it. :)
  • CaspersMommy33 - Great investment for Peace of Mind!One of our three dogs went missing two weeks ago and was gone for six days. He was not wearing a collar when he disappeared from our back yard. During that time, I was so mad at myself for not having his collar on him and was worried beyond belief that I would not see him again. Luckily, he made his way back home.

    Upon his return, I vowed to do everything in my power to prevent any of our dogs from disappearing again. To that end, I purchased new tags for all of them with tons of identifying info. I then purchased this TAGG system on Amazon and two additional pet collars from the TAGG website. Below is my review.

    The devices were incredibly easy to setup, and the online tutorial to activate the collars and register the dog's information was very simple.

    We receive text and email notifications if any of the following occurs: the tracking device falls off the dog's collar, the tracking device needs to be recharged, the dog has strayed from the home area.

    We also get daily updates that each dog is within the home area and safe. If the dog does stray outside the home area, we get text and email notifications telling us the dog's location. Today when we took one dog to the vet, I received a text telling me he was at a certain location and I knew he was at that exact location because he was with me at the time.

    So I definitely recommend this to all you doggie mommas and daddies. Please don't wait until your dog goes missing to purchase this device. It is well worth the investment to have this peace of mind for your pets!
  • Indigo Moon - Celibate & disciplined hero made this a 5-star bookI have read all of the books in the Maiden Lane series and this one is my absolute favorite! I respect Elizabeth Hoyt as an author because she tends to shy away from the many clichés that you read about over and over again in most romance novels. Winter's character is the perfect example of this. I've never read a book with a character quite like him. He is celibate and disciplined for a noble reason. He works to protect and care for the poor and forgotten inhabitants, particularly the children, of the St. Giles ghetto that he lives in. He dedicates himself to this cause and willingly sacrifices his personal life for it. I always hate the line in many romance novels that "a man has needs" that must be taken care of, like it's impossible for a man to realistically choose to be celibate. Another thing I liked about the story was how Isabel can't help but pester and provoke Winter once she realizes that there is more to him than the stoic persona he displays whenever she sees him at the orphanage. Both characters hide their emotions in different ways and together they break down these walls, eventually becoming stronger better people because of it. I did feel some of the plot devices that others have mentioned in their reviews were unbelievable/unrealistic but it still did not detract from the quality of the story. This book is a definite must read!