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  • S. Hecht "Stan" - Major Help in Tough TimesI stumbled across this book by accident - I randomly saw a TV interview of Dr. Phil several months ago and he was discussing the book. This was fortuitous for me. It is the first Dr. Phil book that I have read and I do not watch his TV show. I am 63, a lawyer, thought I knew quite a bit about people, went through a real eye opening and unfortunately very painful experience with someone who was very dear to me, and finding and reading this book was a major help in my getting through it. I just had gone through a horrific breakup with this person in a LTR under what only can be described as bewildering circumstances (and I won't describe them), and Life Codes helped me understand in some measure what had been going on (I had a toxic person in my life, a real Baiter, emphasis on the t and e, maybe also r, for those who know what those letters stand for). It helped me understand the dangers of giving the benefit of the doubt to someone when your gut tells you otherwise (what we can deny and talk ourselves into overlooking is astonishing), how that can be a serious self defense vulnerability, and how important recognizing that is. This is a major theme of the book. I picked up the book hoping that the just former "love of my life" wouldn't appear there, and sadly, her psyche jumped off of the pages in many ways and at many places. Identifying what had happened, to the extent one could, was immensely helpful to me, as otherwise I would not have had any chance at understanding what had taken place. That being said, popular psychology in a relatively short book written for a broad public audience perhaps has its limits, and a fair critique of the book is that it may to a certain extent lack nuance and the second half of the book may be a little bit harsh in its judgments. But for me, reading this book was the right thing at the right time, absolutely. And, the lessons learned from the book (how to identify the toxic people in your life, if you are unlucky to have one or more, and what their characteristics may be, and how to deal with them) is a vital one for me, and the lessons learned I very much hope stick to the wall. It already has helped me with another situation (identifying an abuser), and rationalizes what our guts may be telling us and warns us about what the vulnerabilities of well meaning people may be. It is sobering. I thought I was pretty sophisticated when it came to assessing what was going on around me, and the lessons that I learned (and the help that I got from reading the book) is that human interaction is incredibly complicated, way more than I thought was the case, things often are not as they appear, and it will make me less of a deer in the headlights in the future, I hope. Even with my critique concerning nuance and harsh judgments, at least for me, this one is a "5 star" all the way. Thanks Dr. Phil, loads.
  • Elsa D. Claverie - Still CreatingI found this book several years ago and recommended it to a friend, a struggling artist who couldn't seem to find the color yellow. She got to chapter eight before the elusive color found her, and she went on to create beautiful murals and ceilings for celebreties and football players(Jim Kelly, for one.) She got sick, and asked me if I knew who she could speak to, as Doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong. I suggested a woman I had heard of through the grapevine, but P.K. never got to see her. My lesson was that I had known of the book, and of the woman for years, but never thought about others being interested, or of helping them find it. This book is for anyone who wants to get in touch with the the divine gift of creativity in any form. P.K., I have learned. And for those who want to know who the woman was who probably would have saved P.K.'s life, read, "Forget The Cures, Find The Case," by Rayna Gangi
  • Athenasculptress "Athenasculptress" - Great for thinning Fine Hair!I have very fine hair that is thinning as I age. This protein treatment seems subtle at first, BUT IT WORKS!. My hair doesn't lie flat and has some body. I can ALWAYS tell when I am due for another treatment. Definitely use the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer just after rinsing and whenever you need to add more moisture in the winter.