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  • Michael S. McGill - A manual on how to comprehend a cityUsing geography as his organizing principle, Professor Shortridge has written a comprehensive analysis of the Kansas City metropolitan area. This is a model of what should be written about every major metro area in America. I am originally from St. Louis, and I have searched far and wide for something comparable for that city, to no avail. Having visited Kansas City two years ago, and reading a half dozen books in advance, I was left with many questions about what I saw--why it developed in the way it did, how it managed to avoid some of the devastating decline that hit St. Louis, seeds of its revitalization. Professor Shortridge answered every single one of my questions.
  • Victoria Shephard "Newbirth" - Interesting as historyAfter the publication of "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution," this older version seems to have been neglected. Mostly this is good because while it's a great book and I enjoyed reading it, Dr. Atkins' understanding of things has come a long way since he wrote it.

    For example, the old version recommends almost zero carbohydrates and doesn't take fiber into account. The new book recommends no less than 20g of net carbohydrates, and fiber can be subtracted from the total count for any food since it doesn't raise blood sugar.

    In the old version, the first phase was simply called "Phase 1" and lasted only one week; now it is called "Induction" and lasts 2 weeks. Since it includes more carbs, it can be adhered to for up to six months.

    Dr. Atkins puts a big emphasis on ketone strips. The new program includes using them, but downplays them. Many people - like me - have trouble getting even light pink on our best days. I think downplaying, while still leaving the option there, is the best thing to do.

    Other differences just have to do with the passage of time. 30 years ago Splenda wasn't on the market, so there is no mention of it. Same with cyclomates. Who today has heard of this sweetener? And the cure for constipation then was a mild laxative. Nowadays fiber supplements are on the market and are the recommended thing.

    The only part of the book I skipped was the recipes, though if you are into cooking it would be a really awesome part to look through. It takes up significant space, so if you are looking for low carb recipes, the book might be worth the price just for that.

    I loved the end of the book and wish that section had been included in the new one. It's Dr. Atkins' statement to the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition of Human Needs on April 12, 1973 (very early versions of the book do not include this). He does a wonderful job of defending his diet to the naysayers. I highly recommend reading this section of the book.

    One last thing, the weight chart at the back of the book is not realistic in today's world. It's based on the old version of the Met Life charts. The new version allows people to weigh more, and I know my body just stalls out my weight loss at 145. On the old Met Life chart that was too much. On the new one it is a perfectly normal weight.

    I recommend this book as a good history lesson in how the diet began, but to lose weight I recommend "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," which has the advantage of 30 years' worth of learning that the doctor didn't have when he wrote the first book.
  • Cynthia A. Staggs "avid buyer" - You will love this bookI read this on the advice of my daughter and fell in love with all the characters and especially the story. I couldn't wait to read the rest. This is a book both men and women can relate to and enjoy for men it is the action and for women it is the love story. At least that is how my husband sees it and he has read all 3 books as well. Really exciting to read and easy to follow. Well worth the download to my Kindle. I have not had any problems with downloads or anything. Thanks Kindle!
  • CARRIES KARAOKE AND DJ - great smell.great product!i found out about this from my friend.she got a very nice cocoa looking tan,not gold or orange,but deep dark tropical looking tan from this item.she told me she ordered it from here more than once at a third the salon ive just ordered hoping to get the same beautiful color.heres hoping.:)it was gorgeous!
  • Lynn Street - QuickBooks ProI am very visual so I need a book to look up and get answers to questions. It drives me nuts that manuals are not given to you when you buy a product. You have go on line or download information then have to print it out or buy a book. Just give me the book in the first place. This makes looking up questions easier and faster.