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  • Glenis W. Lorman - The ZealotThis book, written by a scholar who tries bravely to put in perspective the life and time of the man from Nazareth called Jesus. I grew up in a Christian home and a society dominated by Christian theology, ideology and imageries. The bible was seen as infallible. I went college and got the opportunity to study the Synoptic Gospels for academic purposes. I got to strip, analyze and synthesize the content of the gospels. I was so impressed by Jesus' teachings. In many cases the Church's interpretations of his teaching was not in congruence with my conclusions. From then I started to view the church the same way Jesus viewed the religious establishment during his time. I also came to a better understanding of the gospels when I was able to have an understanding of the authors' purpose for writing. Each had a different target audience but they all wrote with the purpose of convincing their audience that Jesus was no mere mortal. This book sought to separate the facts from the myths but it is almost impossible since most of what we know come from the gospels. In the end it is not conclusive but it clearly shows that the gospels are not really "gospel' in terms of infallibility. As a historian, I am cognizant of the fact that history sometimes gets muddled with myths and legends, especially when the stories are passed down orally. From all verifiable accounts, the gospels were written at least three generations after the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. It is well in the scope of rational thinking to conclude that the gospels contain many myths and legends. This book has done a very good job of dissecting the gospels and sifting out the myths and legends from the facts. In the final analysis, when all the embellishments have been stripped away; Jesus of Nazareth is still a remarkable historical figure. His teachings are ageless and relevant even now. In support of full disclosure, Reza Aslan has the responsibility to critically analyze Islam as well. I wonder how Muslims would react to such a critical analysis of Islam.
  • J. Jackson - Single-handedly changed my relationship with food.My doctor recommended this book to me after I complained about my struggle losing the baby weight from my two kids. I bought it, read it, shared it with my husband, and we are both down about 15lbs in about 2 months. It's all very common sense, but the fact that you know what substitutions to use in all aspects of your meal planning is really great. We made a list of substitutions from the grocery section and took it to the store with us when shopping. Some of the info inside is staggering when you realize how much calories and sodium are in things you've been eating for years. I haven't changed my exercise frequency much and I've felt healthier and looked better than I have in years. This is a really great reference if you're looking for a good foundation to healthy eating.
  • J. A. Jaszewski "teruin" - Perfect Toy For Our Little Girl! <3We bought this for our 3 month old daughter for Christmas. It keeps her occupied for quite a while, longer than smaller individual toys like rattles or stuffed animals. One of the reasons we bought this toy is that we want her to play piano someday and thought this would be a great early exposure for her along with learning cause and effect (black keys are just decoration, only the white keys trigger music when hit). The piano has two different music settings (single note setting better for cause/ effect learning, two note setting for longer lasting songs; each setting has it's own music) We have started putting her on the mat to play after her bath (if she's not hungry) since she doesn't quite like bath time yet and this is a little positive experience for her afterward. Toys can easily be changed with any other ringed toy if you want to mix things up a bit. :-) The mirror is very clear, some baby mirrors are awful but this is quite nice one. We've only had her play on her back, but this toy can easily adjusted for tummy time and sitting play. Easily assembled. Highly suggested if you're looking for a baby floor gym.
  • Bradford Schmidt - Excellent. Best A/V I've Found Yet.The specific features of Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2012 are outlined in myriad places, so I don't want to get into a long list of them: you've got the traditional suite of tools including A/V, anti spyware, email scanning, URL scanning and IM scanning, along with an anti-banner component and some basic system tools. There's also a parental control system.

    But the real issues, the questions everyone asks of every A/V program, are what kind of a drag it puts on your system, and how effective it is. Since I'm not going to purposely try and infect my computer, it's tough to comment on the latter: thus far though I've had no infections and no drive-by issues whatsoever, so that's good. I'd advise looking at independent test sites for hard data, but I can tell you that my review of them found KIS 2012 is up at the top, protection-wise.

    In terms of scan times, KIS is pretty quick - faster on my machine than the current version of Microsoft Security Essentials for sure. However, the drag during a full scan can be heavy, and quick is a relative term: I'd still recommend setting it up then going for dinner. Subsequent scans won't look at files that haven't changed though, so speed will increase. Plus, the program will perform idle scans, taking care of that task while you aren't using it.

    As for system drag in normal use, it's pretty much unnoticeable. With the URL checker (which runs search results against a database then inserts a graphic indicating relative safety) enabled things can slow down just a bit, but aside from that KIS is fantastic (I never use the URL checker feature, relying on common sense instead - we'll see how that works out long term). I've tested (and liked) KIS 2011, but did find that while the system drag wasn't terrible, it was noticeable at times. Not an issue with 2012 though. 2012 is also less intrusive, handling more on its own (but not too much) which is a good thing.

    Parental controls are fairly configurable - you can set a password, then design multiple profiles that limit access to programs, set time limits on internet use, block sites, and other things. Very nice, especially considering this protects three computers, one of which will often be used by a young person.

    All in all, this is without a doubt the most solid A/V program I've ever used. Test scores indicate excellent protection (including against real-time threats), using the URL scanner beefs up safety even further, scans are fast, the parental controls are useful, and the hit on system resources has been non-existent, at least from a day-to-day use perspective.

    Definitely my pick of the pack so far this year.