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  • N. P. Anderson "MadCityLife" - Dramatic Speed Increase after Release 4 but still......I like many other reviewers through the years (I am a user of Quicker since 1992 and have several GB of data in Quicken) have seen the usual Quicken dysfunctions. These include loading the program with loads of stuff that makes the program slower, more bug prone, and often not entirely useful. But over the last 8 years I have ground my teeth over the slowing down of the program to a crawl. I keep my computer optimized to the hilt. I do intensive computer graphics for work so everything must be optimized to the max including strapped 1GB Video cards, several TB (with a TB) of redundant RAID storage, optimizing registry in Windows 7 Profession, weekly fragmentation of all drives, running of Malware check and Antivirus systems scans on a weekly basis, and active industrial strength constant monitoring firewall and antivirus etc. The high computer programs I use have gotten better with their use of memory and channeling video. But a goofy financial program: Quicken: No.

    All that said, here is my general thoughts on 2 software companies. Never buy anything from Microsoft for at least 6 months after its released to the public for sale. That is the minimal amount of time for them to get their stuff to work right. For Intuit, it is at least 2 months. So this year I waited more than 2 months and purchased the download of Quicken 2012 for Home and Business in mid-Dec 2012. The result, still I have long load times for my largest account. However, most everything else is about 25% faster in where it counts like entering new checks or deposits in my largest account. My 5-star rating is not justified for this product on customer service areas or treatment of its customers with an endless away of formats through the years that seem to be as much about keeping you upgrading as any real functional benefit. However, I gave it a 5-star rating to help offset those that might not have optimized or do not know how to keep their "oil changed" on their computer. I am guess I have set a low bar for Quicken given its dogged performance decrease at an increasing rate (remember Calculus) but they deserve some credit for finally doing something with their release 4 (Dec. 2012) to make shine for doing several routine tasks.

    Intuit listen up. Optimized your programs to be less error prone and be much faster, stop bloating the program with things you like to drive customers to "Cloud" services you want to sell, and think twice before changing formats all the time. However, thanks for making 2012 Home and Business demonstratively faster in several key areas !
  • Lauren Larson - Better than mostLong before anyone was walking around with an organizer, I was ridiculed for doing so. I've got the last laugh now, because most people have them -- either paper or electronic on their PDAs. I never found a calendar to be enough to organize tasks, etc., so the first one I got so many ages ago was one that I created for myself.

    I've used them all - from DayTimer to Covey to generic products at the drug store, the esoteric Planner Pads, which was one of my faves - and the electronic types. I got one of the first software systems for organizers decades ago and found it very useful -- but never really got into ensuring that everything I wrote down in it throughout the day got into the computer version.

    In fact, using different organizers was a mini-hobby ... if a new one came out, I just had to try it. There came a time that my place was over-run with various organizer binders to an embarrassing level. But as a writer, this was easy to justify for me.

    The reasons I like this one are many. This one is simple but better than the average organizer you find in the office store. The layout is superior: you get a long list on the left for Tasks (phone calls, e-mail, etc) - and because it is one long list you can cut it up as you like or use it more as a priority list. Each day has its own column with a timeline that is great for appts and deadlines. The bottom of the page has more space for projects, deadlines, goals/projects, results and next action step which is great for brainstorming and actual due projects.

    I don't usually take it with me for fear of losing it - but if I wanted to, this is just the right size. I use a small desk so I don't want something that takes up too much room. I find it is best for me to use a combo of systems -- a hard calendar I can glance down at and add info anytime to and more in-depth projects on the computer. I also use a tickler system with an accordian file numbered 1-31 days and a twelve month one. In that I put documents that have deadlines and other stuff that would not fit into the calendar well. Just mentioning that in case it is helpful for someone else. Between the two - I stay very organized.

    The only thing I would complain about was that the new one I got for 2013 arrived with the month of November missing. I wrote to the company and received no response. I'll add those pages myself, but it was annoying. Also - the pen holder on the side broke right away. Also, I like side tabs which they don't come with, but that was easily fixed.

    All in all, I would choose this one over most any of the others I had. The Daytimers and Coveys are great for in-depth planning, but this works better as a day-to-day activity log that has just what you need to attend to task completion -- as well as plan ahead.
  • Diana - A Revelation!I cannot be thankful enough to Matthew for putting all his ingeniousness in this book. My friends would start laughing at me when I told them I got a book to improve my love life, but when I shared with them what I've been learning... they were all ears and wanted to get the book right away. What I liked the most is that you learn to become the chooser and not the chosen. It really helps you to improve your own character first before sharing your amazing life with someone. I've realized of how many mistakes I've made, but I am ready now to crate and move on! THIS IS A MUST GET! THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! Thanks Matthew! XO