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  • newtothegame2012 - A must have for USMLE Step 1 preparationThis book is a foundation of Step 1 preparation. Its a must buy in my opinion. The book is filled with high yield info, charts, mnemonics, and pictures. The 2012 edition was the first edition to go color but this one seems like a much better because most of the glaring errors have been fixed. A few tips: use this book throughout the school year as you go through your courses and take notes on it. This will help when review time comes. I also took my book to Staples and got it spiral bound, it makes reading and annotating much easier. Good luck everyone.
  • D. Beal - Atkins Diet is not for everyoneI am a self professed expert regarding Dr. Robert Atkins. With this in mind, I would like to express my concerns regarding "the masses" skimming through this book to get to the "how to" part. Dr. Atkins' states clearly in the book that certain tests (blood chemistries, glucose tolerence, blood pressure and other monitoring tests) should be taken prior to entering into the Induction Phase of the diet. After atleast two weeks, the above tests should be taken again. Additionally, if medication is being taken, (i.e- high blood pressure or any blood sugar altering meds) the Atkins' Diet has a profound effect and therefor only a physician can regulate your medication. The diet will give most people positive results, but it is not for everyone. Seek out a physician whose eyes aren't closed to the truth about the eating pyramid. Daily dosages of vita-nutrients are required and make all the difference in the world.