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  • Roxanne - Streamlined and sturdyI'm a professional fruit slicer and over the years I've had the opportunity to use all of Hutzler's mid-range banana slicers: the 320, 460, 570, and now the 571 (and when I was just a kid, my mom's old Hutzler-Barbizon Mark 6000, sigh). I really like the feel of the 571. Even though the angle of the curve is a bit more pronounced in the 571, it feels solid and I'm glad to see that Hutzler's R and D has kept up with the enhancements in bananas now on the market. I have small hands for a professional fruit slicer and the 571 feels like it was made for me. It's significantly more streamlined than the 570 (they dispensed with the useless banana-string storage unit, as you can see from the photo) and is much easier to store in a briefcase, toolbox, or even under a chef's toque. Good that they've gone back to the standard all-yellow color - I've always suspected that the 460, with its brown streaks and spots simulating rottenness, was an allusion to the investment-banking scandals of a decade ago. (Think about it - when was the 460 released? midsummer 2003, am I right?)
    Aside from the aesthetics, the 571 makes clean, uniform cuts. Quality-wise, as far as I can tell from my records, there is very little difference between the slices that come out of the 571 and the old Mark 6000, which goes to show that the Mark 6000 was way ahead of its time. Of course this one is portable, which was a big drawback for the Mark 6000. But I digress - buy the 571, you won't be disappointed. It's a fine addition to your fruit-slicing toolchest, whether you're a professional or an amateur interested in a high-quality, high-performance slicer.
  • Ruth E. Pfeiffer "Ruthie P." - I bought the book as a "last resort!" Thank God, I did!I purchased the book "The One-Minute Cure" after 2 doctor visits and one trip to the ER for swelling and "loginess" in my neck. My thyroid was tested twice and came back "normal." The trip to the ER was after taking a vitamin at bedtime that stuck in my throat causing it to close so much my voice was squeaking. I was also experiencing difficulty breathing properly and felt short winded most of the time. There were numerous other symptoms as well. I decided to put all my symptoms into Google, and I did, and many, many websites came up with the same diagnosis: systemic yeast infection.

    I purchased four different probiotics to be sure I covered as many strains of live cultures as possible. It has been quite costly and I have been taking the probiotics since the trip to the ER in November, 2011, with little or no relief. The beginning of this month, July 2012, I again began looking online for cures for systemic yeast infection. There were many cures listed online but it sounded like people were "suffering" through those cures without much relief. I was drawn to the book, "The One-Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh and purchased it. I also purchased 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Today, was my 14th day (16 drops of H2O2 in 6 oz. distilled water 3x daily). So far, my progress has been: 1)swelling in neck: GONE. 2)tightness in chest (I think from infection in sinuses draining into chest while I was asleep): GONE. 3)Insomnia (From worrying about my throat closing while asleep): GONE. My sinuses are still draining and I put the H2O2 and distilled water in my Netty Pot and rinse my sinuses before going to bed. I am experiencing a great deal of energy and I feel very clear-headed. I am able to exercise again and have stopped the probiotics and resumed a regular healthy diet (of course, abstaining from milk, sugars, and anything with yeast).

    The book is well written with easy directions for diluting the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide with distilled water -- and the number of drops to mix well into 6 to 8 oz. of distilled water on days 1 thru 23 and then days 23 back down to day 1 to the "maintenance dose" of 3 drops H2O2 in the 6 to 8 oz. of distilled water 3x daily -- p. 74 in the book. I highly recommend this book and this wonderfully easy and inexpensive cure. I have not felt this good in a very, very, long time. IT WORKS!!!
  • The Magic Pumpkin - Great price, excellent computer protection!I've used the paid version of AVG for a number of years now on a number of PCs and it has always worked great. When I saw mine was about to expire I checked AVG's website for the renewal price, then I checked Amazon. I got a whole year of protection for less than half the cost through Amazon, super cheap. I've found AVG anti-virus paired with the paid version of Malwarebytes to be good. I never have any viruses, malware, adware, etc. Recommended.
  • Seebs - Download was great.It's QuickBooks. What can you say. I needed it for my small business and downloading it was half as expensive as buying the physical version or getting it directly from Intuit. I'm by no means a Quickbooks expert, but it tracks everything I need to track for my business and my accountant likes the data I send him. Downloading and installing was easy.