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  • Sandy - Moving the Freaky LineSo, I have a funny story to tell based on this book (which is fabulous and well worth it.)

    I had just finished Age of Context last week and had my first experience with crossing the freaky line of personal contextual assistants a day or so later.

    I was finishing up some work in the afternoon when the alert on my phone went off. I picked it up to check the alert and it was a message that I needed to leave by 2:42 pm to be on time for my 3 pm haircut appointment.

    I had never loaded that appointment into the calendar.
    (Cue Twilight Zone theme here..)

    As I sat giving the phone a long side-eye it occurred to me that I had activated Google Now after having read about it in Age of Context and Google Now must have flagged the salon's confirmation email in my Gmail account with the date, time, and address for my appointment.Then calculated the travel time to the salon from my present location and warned me I needed to leave soon.

    As freaky slowly began to turn into delight, I thought to myself "Ohhhh, this is cool. Privacy, pfft. We barely knew ye."

    My freaky line has now moved considerably. Bring it on.
  • Montanadad - baby 411this book is great, my wife had it suggested to her as a great source of baby knowledge. It covers many simple questions with ease and not all in medical terms you can't understand.
  • John K - Met all expectations.I have used Norton Anti Virus for several years and it has always met expectations and protected my computer. Easy to install and walks you through the process.

    It has always worked to my complete satisfactions and in addition, it allows you to protect up to 3 computers with one disk. Further, reminds you when the protection is running a diagnostic test and lets you know that all your information has been reviewed and protected from hacking or other attacks.

    Finally, it let you know when the protection is about to expire so you can update and continue to be protected at all times.
  • David A. Smith "Doctor Strange 2013" - Wow Hits 2013This is a awesome cd it is fun and enjoyable to listen to the best songs on this cd are

    Disc 1

    1. Courageous
    2. 10,000 Reasons(Bless The Lord)
    7. The Hurt & The Healer
    8. Forgiveness
    16. Only A Mountain

    1. God's Not Dead(Like A Lion)
    6. Busted Heart(Hold On To Me)
    7. Hold Me
    11. Good Morning
    14. The Light In Me
    15. Make A Move

    if you have not listened to this cd then i recommend you do