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  • Kevin "Revolution" - Works great with Mac Lion. Fast download & installation.I was one of those that bought the new Apple Mac Book Pro computer with the Lion program on it. Anyone who has that is aware that you're previous Microsoft Office program on your earlier Mac Computer is no longer compatible with the Lion update. This proved frustrated for consumers on all levels. This was due to Microsoft not getting with the program and offering a free update to upgrade on your Mac Lion.

    Still - Apple did not help matters any when Microsoft Office 2011 proved to be an efficient download onto Mac Lion computers. Apple is one of the top money making corporation in the world they should've offered the Microsoft 2011 upgrade to all it's Lion customers. In fact, it should already be part of the Mac Lion programs contained on the computer. They are cheap and that was very clearly established when they did nothing to rectify the situation, but try to pawn the iPages program on their customers instead. Sorry no one uses iPages and exporting each and every document to a Microsoft Word program is a "pain in the...you know what".

    This was the cheapest listing I found for Microsoft Office. I was hesitant as it was a download and worried that it might not work. It says it can take 5 hours to download, but it was much quicker for me. I hit the download button and began the process of installing onto my Apple Mac Book Pro computer with Lion on it. About 20 minutes in it asks for the download key which you should be able to locate in your email. Make sure you have it down somewhere as it will ask for that to complete the download which took another 10 minutes. In about 30 minutes Microsoft Office was up and running like a breeze on my computer with no issues or bugs or anything. It's perfect and I have no complaints. Highly recommend this.
  • Kb "Kb" - Shouldn't have waited so long to make this purchase.Been searching for facial cream that works this well for a long time. This product is worth every penny!
    Light, easily applied, wonderful scent like a light lemon chiffon. Some reviews complained of scent, and that quality of product was inconsistent. Got mine from Amazon and can only hope quality remains same with multiple purchases.
    I had tried prescription face creams, (ones used for patients having radiation treatment) none helped with my dry, sandpaper feeling face. But Hope in a Jar has made my skin smooth and soft again, using twice a day I noticed improvement within first few days.
    Get it, it really is worth it!
  • Peggy Vincent "author and reader" - Five stars to her for saying nothingSusan McDougal took the hit for a lot of people when she went to prison for refusing to talk about Whitewater, the Clinton land deal that went bad and almost brought down a kingdom. In reading this book, you get a strong sense of McDougal's honesty and integrity, and how difficult it must have been, in the presence of so much idiocy and insanity, to maintain that integrity.
    Once she more or less finishes dealing with Kenneth Starr and his grandstanding attempts to elevate himself while destroying the presidency, she spends the rest of the book describing her horrendous experiences in prison, her fellow female inmates, her fear of the guards, and her interest in prison reform.
    The amazing thing, after all she's been through, is that somehow McDougal decency and sense of humor survived her ordeal - and it makes her book a pleasure to read, even as it makes us wince and wish to avert our gaze.