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  • Sylwia Gazdzinska - The one and only!The best and easiest to use nasal aspirator for babies. I cannot part with it even during summer vacations because there is no such product on the market that is so effective in cleaning baby's nose. During severe cold season it saved my life and gave my son good night sleep with minimum "torture" which was holding him still for a moment to suck his nose. With little effort much goes. It works as a charm and does not harm a baby. My son even likes it. Finally I did not have to hold him still for an hour to clean his nose during cold, few seconds and job was done. Thank you!!
  • christinemm - The Thinking Mother - Lots of Wisdom Here - Especially the Input from the Boys ThemselvesI have two sons aged 16 and 13 and have been a very hands on parent having homeschooled them from birth, but dealing with teen boy behavior that started two years ago has been a trial and a challenge to say the least. I had searched for wisdom about parenting teens and boys but the pickings were slim and not too helpful or were already outdated and irrelevant (from pre-Internet and pre-mobile phone times).

    Wiseman delivers a fairly thorough book that has helped me see things in a new light or reaffirmed what I already do, with quotes from boys underscoring and giving credibility to her opinions and advice. Wiseman included the input of boys throughout the writing process and I love that she used their quotes.

    Wiseman covers a wide range of topics, everything from social circles in boys with labels for different types to different parenting profiles and the pitfalls of each to how to deal with breaking down the wall they put up yet giving them space to become independent young men. She discusses issues with anger, reasonable limits on video games, girls, homosexuality, and sports. The chapter on lying is brilliant and should be read by every parent.

    I love the book and rate it 5 stars. I really appreciate this book and am recommending it to every parent of boys that I know.

    My only criticism, which is not big enough to downgrade the book's star rating or to take away from my loving it is that she is light on empathy or sympathy for parents. She seems to have a heart for the boys more than for the parents. I know we are the adults but please give us some kudos for doing the right thing most of the time! Her discussion of gray areas is light (moral dilemmas) as is her advice on drug and alcohol use. When discussing really difficult topics she moves on so quickly sometimes that I was left wanting and needing more. Wiseman and I disagree on some things like when she says it's okay to punch a hole in the wall when angry, that the boy can learn to patch it up, yet she comes down on her kids more harshly with rules on video gaming than I think are reasonable, such as limiting weekend play time to 90 minutes a day. I have a hard time believing if her house was getting wrecked by teens throwing a tantrum that she'd just hand them the plaster and tell them to fix it, since she's a parent with a video game use contract!