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  • Susan Gregory "Lifetime Learner" - Excellent resource for using a robust programQuickBooks is a multifaceted program with many robust elements in it for the business owner. It has multiple layers and functions. However the program doesn't come with a manual and so when I had questions needing answers I purchased this book. I am delighted with it.

    The book provides clear explanations and answers on everything you want to know about QuickBooks 2013. I keep it at my desk for ready reference.

    I recommend this book to anyone using QuickBooks 2013.
  • Bob Kapolnek - Worked like a charm.I contracted very large warts between my big toe and the adjacent little piggy. I'm fairly confident it happened on a cruise ship after I had abraded the skin between the toes while breaking in a new pair of leather flip flops. The largest was the size of a nickle (big toe) and the next toe had one about a quarter inch in diameter. Nasty little buggers....they swelled up and started to cause a great deal of pain.

    I started trying just about everything on the market; I used the Dr Scholl's freezing product first to no avail. I then tried freezing once a week and then applying salicylic acid every and wrapping in duct tape. It dried the wart out, and I could peel off the dead tissue, but then it would just regenerate. I started soaking it in water every night for 15 minutes, clipping off the dead skin and then applying the acid...again, no positive results. This was a royal pain in the rear as I was spending 20 minutes a day dealing with the darn things.

    This went on for 4 months. I went to the drugstore and found the Compound W freeze off product and decided to give it a try. The instructions said to apply it for 20-25 seconds at each spot. I was so frustrated with my failed attempts at removing the wart that I threw caution to the wind....(DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ADVOCATING OR RECOMMENDING THAT YOU DISREGARD THE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE PRODUCT. I AM ONLY RELATING THE MANNER IN WHICH I USED IT WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE POTENTIAL RISK!!).....I held the applicator on each area for over 60 seconds. The warts were so big that it needed 6 separate areas of treatment. It hurt. It sizzled. It turned white...and then -

    Within a few days the warts started turning dark purple/black. They were obviously drying out. The skin started to fall off on its own, and I re-applied after 2 weeks, this time for 30 seconds per spot. Within another two weeks the warts had completely disappeared.

    I should also add that after the first 60 second application of the product my toes hurt like heck for an entire week. In retrospect, it was worth the pain. Trying to rid myself of these was one of the most frustrating episodes of my life.

    Great product. I'm very satisfied with how it worked out.
  • edarahk - Nolo Customer Service is Great!I bought this program for one simple reason: To write a revocable living trust.

    I messed up on my first attempt at this and unfortunately couldn't go back to the VERY first question, I could change the answers and information in all other portions of the document except the information about wanting to make it an individual or multiperson trust, and if I was married or not.

    I was upset because I thought that I blew my only chance to do it right, and sent Nolo an email that simply said:

    I messed up on my info, please help, is there anyway you could reset my trust document?

    Sure enough, they did just that within a few hours and I recieved an email response from a very helpful customer service rep.
    I was able to redo the trust exactly how I wanted it and am very happy with the customer service I received through Nolo.

  • T. Cecchino "Golf Nut" - Easiest Windows everI just puchased the Windows 8 pro upgrade for a Dell Inspiron laptop that I previously upgraded from Vista 64 to Windows 7. Vista 64 was a killer and a brand new laptop that was 6 months old kept crashing until I finally deleted most of the programs off of it and used it just for the internet. It still took forever to boot and was ready to give up. I was told it was Vista 64 issues and upgraded to Windows 7 to finally find a reason to use this laptop. It still was very slow in loading and I was told it wasn't my sytem but just Windows 7 startup. I recently purchased a Dell 1 piece desktop with Windows 8 and after a brief learning curve, I AM IN LOVE with this operating system. At the price listed, how can I NOT upgrade to Windows 8 for a savings of over $125. I realize my laptop will not have a touch screen but I am basically using my new desktop with a mouse and rarely with touching the screen and leaving finger marks! :-)
    I am hoping the system will load as fast as my desktop and with the new improvements coming adding the start button, I am hoping that I will finally utilize a laptop that was made useless by Vista 64.
    Don't be scared about going to an "Apple-like" desktop since once you put a little time into learning it, it is the best operating Windows system yet.
  • Betty A. Iams "Betsyanne" - EXCELLENT ACCOUNTING SOFTWAREI have been using QuickBooks Pro from Amazon for about 10 years, and the new 2012 version is the 5th version I have worked with. It provides complete accounting tools for managing a small to medium sized business. I have used it for a law firm, and currently for two non-profits. I highly recommend QuickBooks Pro.