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  • Michael Dunkin "BlazerGrad" - Love this stuff, but ....Let me start by saying that I've been using Sweet Sweat for a while now and I absolutely love it ... there is NO doubt whatsoever that it leaves me drenched after about 20 minutes of intense cardio work. I've got a more thorough review under the 6.5 ounce jar at Sports Research Sweet Sweat Jar, 6.5-Ounce.

    I decided to give the 6.4 ounce roll-on stick a try after going through 3 of the 6.5 ounce jars for the simple fact of seeing whether or not it would be easier to apply ... and while I will admit that it is "cleaner" to apply with the stick (I didn't have to wash my hands off afterwards), in my experience it didn't seem that the stick lasted as long as the jar. My workout schedule was pretty much the same, so it wasn't like I was using the stick more frequently than I did the jar ... it just doesn't seem to go as far. Plus, with the jar, you get a visual as to when you're about to run out ... whereas with the stick, it's kind of like the roll-on deodorants ... you can only judge how much is left by how lighter it's getting. :)

    So while I will be re-ordering for sure, I don't think I'll be using the stick anymore ... it's the jar for me from here on out.
  • MONTYHADES - it workedI am always not so sure about pills like these ones, but this product actually did work, plus they make my stomach feel better, I am more regular now and they don't taste bad or ar hard to swallow, happy with this.
  • Malory Benton - So easy for stright-forward wills.WillMaker Plus 2013 is a very user-friendly program. Installing was easy, though immediately after installation I did get an error box with a cryptic code "Error Deleting File Directory." The box stayed open for a couple seconds, then closed by itself. This does not seem to have impacted the successful installation of the program.

    The program asks permission to update from the web which took less than 30 seconds. The welcome and thank-you screen opens with the option of watching an introductory video. The video was only 3-1/2 minutes and well worth watching. The video explains that the will is the cornerstone of an estate plan, but other things that WillMaker can handle include a health care directive, power of attorney, final arrangements, and other forms like a list of passwords and accounts. (Remember that Kindle with your library is worthless without the password!) The program also can generate several other useful documents like promisory notes.

    When you actually start writing the will, the program tells you what you need up front, like the name and address of who will take care of your minor children.

    Stepping through the program is very easy. Many things are included, but they easy to skip over if not relevant to your personal situation, like care of pets. In fact, the entire step-by-step process of writing the will is ridiculously easy - much easier than the last version I used around ten years ago.

    PROBLEM: You Can't password protect the file, so anyone with access to the computer can read your will. You will need to save the file to an encrypted drive or flash drive stored in a safe place.
  • S. Mather - Love This ProductI started using Deva Curl a little over a month ago, after having my hair cut by someone who used this product line. I was skeptical at first, but purchased the products anyway. After a month I love the way my hair looks and feels, it seems to get better every day! I'm starting to love my curly hair now!!!
  • Sparklezz - PERFECT!!! and better than the clamp-on chairs!I can't believe I have not written a review for this highchair yet!! We've owned this for almost a year and absolutely LOVE this chair! We keep it in the car to use at restaurants and when we're traveling to visit family. We wanted a "clamp on" chair that didn't have the really long arms under the table and one that wasn't the old school version with the dangerous, finger-pinching clamp to fasten to tables. (If I didn't already own a stand-alone high chair, I think I would buy another one of these to stay hooked to our table!) We get comments on it every time we're out!

    Safe to twist onto table
    Sturdy and safe for baby
    Folds up easily--and has attached carrying bag
    MACHINE WASHABLE--score! I wash it in a front-load on cold and delicate mode then let it air-dry!
    Storage pouch in back--we keep a wipeable bib in there!
    Short arms--as opposed to the clamp chairs with long arms
    Use at any table at a restaurant (high tops where other highchairs don't reach or over a booth seat so baby isn't protruding into aisle)
    Usable at home without taking up space--GREAT for use on a kitchen bar countertop
    Attaches close to table--If necessary, I'll tuck a bib between table and the strap with buckle pieces, and it eliminates baby spilling all over his lap.
    "Light Blue" is a deep but vibrant Cyan--beautiful and (I think) is neutral to baby's gender

    The only slight con is that if the table has a really tall apron, it can be hard to unscrew from the table. My hubby man-handled it with his big guns on/off an aproned table and bent the arm once. He bent it back into place pretty well, but I usually like to be the one to tighten it on so that it doesn't get over tightened and bent again!

    I'm waiting for a friend/family member who wants one so I can buy this for them!!
    *Oh what's that, I bought a blue one for my son?...maybe I'll just have to buy a pink one if we have a girl one day! :)