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  • Troezen - Working out at home, HOW CONVENIENT!This is an excellent "game" and I put game in quotes because it's definitely not one. This is hardcore fitness at its finest and if you listen to the instructor and put in full effort you WILL notice a change in your body. I have been using this product for weeks and am still on the 'medium' level workouts. As someone who is relatively physically fit, I can tell you that this product (coupled with a few addons like a Yoga Mat and some dumbbells) will give you a great full body workout.

    This product can't help you if you don't turn it on, however, so stay motivated and get in the best shape of your life!
  • Dorothy Lynn Paolillo "Lynn" - Powerwash for your mouth!!This is the best! Professional quality cleaning. I had tried a waterpic from the drugstore and it had a very small reservoir and was much too gentle to accomplish much. The Hydrofloss is terrific. Large reservoir to get the job done in one go, adjustable "powerwash" feature, and it stays plugged in - no recharging batteries!!
    Highly recommend!!
  • Heather L. Zengilowski "Book814girl" - So amazing!This book is great. Easy and quick to read with so many helpful tips and hints for traveling. I particularity like the maps and "snapshot" features. Plus, Mr. Steves gives you a really good idea about how much a trip will cost you, which is great in the early planning stages! I'll definitely be taking this book with me to Ireland as a reference.