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  • Jay Tee - Sure it's pricey but the product is above standard and eco-friendlyThe main reason I purchased this was because the diet sodas use splenda as the sweetener instead of aspartame.
    I really like the flavors, they seem fresher than canned/bottled version.
    The major factor is that I don't recycle cans/bottles anymore, which is a real plus in my opinion.
    Overall, the cost of purchasing the Sodastream seems cost prohibitive, but if you get passed that and just focus on the cost of producing the soda you actually save money (and don't have the issue with recycling).
    A very good product with a very good result!
  • Ohdahl - Pretty goodIt's pretty strong, and in that sense, it is good. I'd say, if you have nothing to do for a few days, go for it! Try it! Because you will constantly be running to the restroom. I only had three pills that whole day, and I was in and out. I'd recommend it, if yr a little or a lot backed up. Also after every meal weather I eat a little or a lot I will always be bloated, this product got rid of the feeling, which was nice.
  • Miss Molly - Read this book now. Be prepared. Be informed.I knew the book was going to be shocking because A Friend of Medjugorje is the only person bold enough to put himself on the line and tell it like it is. Boom! He's honest and direct and every bit of the information in the book has been painstakingly researched for accuracy and the truth. We don't want to know the truth though. We'd rather stick our heads in the sand and pretend that all our problems are going to just go away; they won't. The world is in trouble, the United States is in trouble! And that's not new information to anyone. They Fired the First Shot 2012 is a travelers guide and we all need direction. A Friend of Medjugorje has laid out the facts about what has been happening in our government and what will happen - the government has a very real plan for 'We The People', and it's very different from the plan our founding father's had in mind. Do your homework, read this book, double check the facts yourself -- all the sources are listed. Then pray that you will be able to find the strength and conviction to change your life and follow the plan outlined in this book. If you decide to stick your head in the sand though, that is totally fine and up to your free will. But why would anyone do that? The book is a gift, graced with profound insight and clear direction. Read it, the clock is ticking and it's urgent. There's no more time. Be Ready.
  • Lynne Schappert "Ay Up" - Cap o' RedTis not your shape as there defined,
    that makes me rash and unrefined,
    but it is and shall always be,
    ay yes, thy cap o' red.

    To screw it off, an offense so fair,
    that I should muse and scratch my hair,
    upon my face to take thy spill,
    in my hand thy cap o' red.

    And whence am I completely quenched,
    in white my body doused and drenched,
    you beguile me, ah yes is so,
    I give thee back thy cap o' red

    To reapply and save for hence,
    that which is so easily spent,
    and gaze upon ye whole again,
    I give a nod to yer cap o' red.

    That I started this very night,
    with more or less four to five pint,
    of a very different sort of brew
    I fault not thy cap o' red.

    And in the toilet I end up,
    wrong end in, I shall erupt,
    tis not at all because of you
    ay, yes, thy cap o' red.