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  • Brian A. Roush - 42" version is a perfect bedroom tvI'm using this tv in a bedroom, and I think it's ideal for this purpose. It has the right amount of features and decent enough picture quality for casual viewing. With the smart apps functionality, it gives you just about an all-in-one solution.

    The bezel around the TV is a brushed black aluminum color, so it's nicer looking than a matte black plastic, yet not super shiny. The red led that lights up when the tv is off doesn't interfere with night vision and doesn't shine brightly that it would interrupt your sleep.

    The remote control that comes with the 42" version is a standard remote, so it's a pain to try and use it for keyboard functions. Luckily, LG has an app which lets you use a smartphone or iPod as a remote. When keyboard input is needed, this is really useful. Plus, the app tranforms to a mouse in place of needing to buy the "magic remote", and the app has a gamepad layout for when needing those functions. Additionally, the app can stream live tv to your smartphone, so if you need to take a bathroom break you won't miss anything. Although the standard remote looks like the buttons might be backlit, they aren't.

    As for the smart functions, the tv instantly found my PC, an external drive connected to my router as a media server, and was relatively easy to set up the wireless access. I didn't find the games useful, as they are very limited and expensive (Where's My Water is listed at $3.99).

    Picture quality is really good, and the tv, even this 42" version allows a lot of tweaking and settings adjustment. The ambient light adjustment is great for the bedroom, though the default setting is a bit strong. The 120Hz MotionFlow at its default looks very similar to my LG8600, which is a 240Hz set. I prefer to turn this effect off/down.

    Overall, for my purposes, I really like this tv. I feel like no matter what brand you go with there will always be small factors that are trade-offs in terms of the user interface, picture quality, styling, etc. But overall, this tv really performs and meets what I was expecting from it.
  • Ann-Marie - Very inspirationalSoul Surfer is an inspiring tale of a strong, young woman who was able to overcome one of life's biggest challenges. Bethany Hamilton may have lost her arm in a shark attack, but she did not lose faith. She was able to get back on the board only a few weeks after the attack, and was determined to compete again. In this book, she talks about the pain and fear she experienced, and also about the love, fame, and fortune (that of which went to her medical costs) that she received as the news spread across the country. Initially, she did not enjoy the spotlight, but then realized that this was an opportunity for her to share her story and her faith. Her touching story inspired many people who were going through a similar situation, and helped them realize the good that can come from it. As a teenager, it is easy to relate to her and her story, and it should help people realize that some of the best things can come from the worst possible scenarios.
  • Yosemite Joe - Great but Not CompleteThis diet got me on the road to healing, and gave me hope where the doctors gave me only despair and cream with a black cancer warning label.

    I found, from a very smart guy named Randall over at alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis on the news groups, that I could "cheat" this diet almost completely except during an outbreak when going to far with alcohol, etc. The simple program I use is to take a table spoon of sweet whey (Bob's Red Mill sells it, it's VERY cheap). This feeds the "good" gut bacteria, which balance the immune system and line the gut.

    But you may have to start with a probiotic powder mixed with oil, which keeps the stomach acid from killing the probiotic. Of else you could try Flora Smart probiotics (sold here), they seem to have a special liner that works. If you really want to go after it, try thewholewhey(DOT)com. The sell a probiotic implant system, but be ready for a little surprise how it works!

    You can read all about this over at the news group I mentioned. Again, the book was great, but with the additional knowledge, I have been able to go back to a nearly normal diet for 2 years and keep the P totally clear, except for a few times when I drank a beer every day or two for a while.

    Good Luck!