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  • J. Brooks - Not just a bat, but an investment!This Louisville Slugger 2012 TPX Z-1000 bat is beyond my wildest dreams.

    First and for most this bat is the perfect length and weight for me (6'2" - 235 lbs). Some may find the bat to be a bit heavy and slow on the swing, so I'd suggest going with the 32"/29 version. With each swing you can tell they spent an amazing amount of time and effort designing this bat. And the grip right out of the box is great, no need to regrip it.

    The sweet spot on this bat is more like a sweet zone, much larger than I expected and with minimal vibration and flex felt in the handle. And the balls just pop right off the face of the bat with an amazing "ping".

    Without a doubt this is an engineering marvel in terms of bat technology. The price tag may seem a bit steep, but it's worth the investment 100%!
  • Teresa - Great Book to review and study coding!Good book to review and study medical coding. I have already taken the courses, so, this provides a good review.
  • Christopher - No regrets here!I picked this up during the black friday deal and i'm VERY happy with my purchase. granted, the games come in cardboard sleeve envelopes but that didn't bother me in the least bit. some people have complained that the ps3 hums very loudly but i've only ever noticed it when loading a game in the beginning. i find myself using it more than the xbox 360 lately. loving the ps3 exclusive games (infamous series, uncharted series, valkyria chronicles, etc. to name a few).
  • blund - Not a game but a Toy.....but a great toy indeed!!I understand why people feel the need to give negative press because of EA's use of protection, but those who do not buy this game because of this are idiots. This is a wonderful game that plays more like a toy, since you can do what you please in each mode and can find yourself playing for hours on end creating and editing your own creatures, buildings, and even spaceships. If you think this game is not worth buying because of the securom protection, then that is a shame. None the less, this game should be a hit no matter what people say about the DRM, since most people don't understand what that is. Most people that I know did not have a problem with it so why should you? If you read the fine print of all games, you do not own the right to play the game after you buy it. All you have is the right to play it as long as the company wants you to. You only right the rights to play the game, so get over yourself and buy this game (toy), since you will enjoy it very much!! Thanks for reading this. I'll get back to playing on, but for those worried about buying this game, DON'T BE. It is sweet!! so buy and share your creations with all of us who play.