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  • Rayray321 - Best product ever!!!Exposed acne treatment is amazing!! It works way better than clinique, albany, neutogena, skin id, etc. You get what I mean. Even though it may take a couple weeks to show results, it's definitely worth the wait. I used to have mild acne, especially on my forehead and the t-zone. After three weeks though... forehead acne - GONE! blackheads around my nose - GONE! The shine on my forehead and especially on my nose has also gone down. Even though it's pretty expensive, this stuff is top quality and works really well. Exposed also gives you extra ways to get store credit, which helps bring down future prices. The travel kit is perfect for trips, with the right amount of each product. The only thing you should be concerned about is if you're extra sensitive to smell. The scent seemed a little off a first, it had almost a forest or woodsy scent. I'm fine with it, but if you're sensitive to smell I would gradually build up on the amount of product you use so it's not so strong.
    Otherwise great product and I'm never going back! Thank you Exposed!!!
  • blessedmommy2013 - it works!!i have concieved twice using this product both times only using a month supply with a couple pills left over because i stop once i miss period! hoping for a 3rd :) will be using this product again if not already pregnant me n hubby wanted to try once without using anything its only been a month of trying so wel see! baby dust to everyone and congrats to all the mothers to be!!
  • Richard T. Deitz "Watch Freak" - Hands down, the best grill I've ever owned!How can I begin explaining how awesome this grill is! After a couple years of having rust as a condiment I began the search for a new grill. I was intrigued by this "Infrared" stuff and decided this was the way to go. I decided on this one because of its size; after all, it's just me and my wife. We were hesitant at first because we've always owned the larger grills but we went ahead with the purchase. All I can say is WOW!

    Assembly: A little more involved than other grills but not complicated. I'm not a rocket scientist and did well. However, if you buy it somewhere that will assemble it for you, it's worth a couple extra bucks.

    Cooking: MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AND SEASON THE COOKING SURFACES! This is the first time I've ever done that and it truly makes a difference (more on this later). It is true that if you're used to cooking on an open flame grill you'll have to re-learn your cooking times. The first thing I cooked on it was steaks and I swear. . .they were better than any I've had before. Ruth's Criss has nothin' on me! I cook my steak medium and usually this means warm pink in the CENTER. My steaks were warm and pink THROUGHOUT! The searing capability of this grill is phenomenal! Nothing but a good, melt in your mouth, juicy steak! No flare ups meant no charred corners or fat. When we were done there were no little burnt pieces pushed to the side.

    Clean up: Another huge plus! This is where seasoning the cooking surface comes in. While cooking, nothing sticks turning your food does not mean tearing your meat apart. We all have cranked our grills on high in the hopes of burning off the crud. Well with this grill, it truly turns everything to ash! Clean up is quick and simple!

    So if you value your grilling get this one. Infrared will help make you a true master! Infrared cooking is simple and almost worry free. If this size is too small for you they do make larger ones.

    My hat's off to you Charbroil!
  • Joanne Ashe - An intimate look into one of the greatest minds of our timesIt's a privilege to be able to read about Alan Dershowitz's life in his own words. His autobiography reads like a real life superhero's story, reflecting his inexhaustible energy and tenacity to take on seemingly impossible challenges and wrestle with difficult moral dilemmas. His passion for writing and teaching is evident in the way he tells his story. I was taken into his private inner world filled with amazing characters and historical events. Professor Dershowitz doesn't deal with anything simple, and his iconic presence in the contemporary International arena is a distinguishing calling for one man who overcame persistent discouragement in his early years. Taking the Stand is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it.